Elemental Outcast (Paranormal Outcasts 1) – ARC Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Elemental Outcast (Paranormal Outcasts 1) by Sean Fletcher

Hey Ramblers! I hope your new year has kicked off nicely and you are enjoying many books! I know I have been. I’m kicking off the year in true Rapunzel style.

What was your first read to kick off your year? For me, I finished a reread of Fated (a fav from the Relentless series). My second read was Elemental Outcast. It’s releasing on the 11th of January and I think many of you will love this book!

What an amazing, enjoyable start to this new series by Sean! It’s unique and intriguing, and I’m so very curious to see where this story will lead. I’m already really loving the characters, they are easy to connect and relate to, which is important for me and many others…coz who wants to a read a story where the characters aren’t easy to fall in love with? There is mystery surrounding a lot of these characters and I love how the story drops information here and there. For me, it was kinda a little predictable, but I still really loved reading it and seeing the story come to life. Sean definitely has a gift with his words and I love losing myself in his books. 🙂

Somewhere amazing that’s where!

Sooo I’ve gotto be honest with you guys, my concentration is shot today and I can’t keep focused, getting easily sidetracked…so if my ramble is all over the place or shorter than usual, that’s probably why lol. I think my brain power was all used up at the doctors. Ugh. I feel like my life revolves around them lol. Even when I’m not talking to the doctors somehow my appointments, taking meds and such, are used to base time and work as my scheduling life timeline lol. See? my life revolves around that now 😂 ….and what did I just say about concentration and being easily sidetracked? 😂

Okay boook. I can do this. Send me all the willpower lol coz I needs it. As I said, I really enjoyed this book. I loved the pace of the story and the general plot. Although it had the typical paranormals sides wanting power for themselves, this story still stands very much on its own. There was a uniqueness to the story which has me intrigued. There’s also some pretty cool paranormal beings! I loved the concept of the rare vampires (Forsworn) that feed on energy instead of blood…and there are some other really cool beings, buuuut you are just going to have to read to find out hehe 😉. But I will tell you there are the normal array of paranormals such as: Vampires, Shifters, Witches, Fae etc. To give you an idea. 🙂 Then add in prophecies and beings trying to use it to their advantage…and you have quite the story coming to life. And whew that ending! Fantastical. It definitely gives one last yank to make you need more. I’d just like to say I soooo called it!

A little breakdown of the story. It’s Riley’s 17th birthday and all she wants is a little fun with her bestie to celebrate…But that’s not exactly what happens. She’s at a carnival when she sees Iris in the bathroom hiding from a man in a hoodie and obviously she steps in to help…But things take a turn here, the hoodie guy attacks her and she is “killed”. Being stabbed and killed, isn’t anything like she expected it to be…not at all..she awakes into a world where nothing is the same, and where she is no longer dead (I know, sounds confusing since I just said she died lol – sorry but this totally just made me think of this ↓ scene in the incredibles lol 😂)

Back on track lol… But instead, Riley is snared into an old curse by Witches, which links her into a prophecy…bringing her into the folds of twelve other Paranormal Outcasts. The prophecy, apparently, says that she, as the thirteenth member will break this curse and undoubtedly bring change to the current world. Lucky girl (sarcasm sign lol 😂). This means Riley just became the key…and things are shifting quickly and setting into motion way faster than she can process.

Riley must adapt into a world where magic exists and where many have their own agenda for power. It’s a dangerous world now…and Riley and the Outcasts are in the thick of it. She must learn how to unlock and control her havoc power and quickly…Before others start doing crazy things in the name of more power…say like, killing her for realz..making her dead, dead.

I really enjoyed the dynamic of the Outcast group and how they have become like each others family. I thought that was really special and beautiful. Even though some of them are hesitant and not necessarily happy with her arrival, Riley finds her place at the Loft and becomes apart of their group. There is a certain somebody, the very first Outcast, mister broody-cranky-pants-Jasper, that at first doesn’t seem to like her at all…but I promise he starts coming around…who can resist the power of one sassy, fiery, passionate redhead for long? Definitely not me lol. I love that chick. She may go headfirst into things but her heart is pure and caring. But by golly do not stand in the way of those she cares about…because that’ll ↓ be her.

All I could feel was the power of the fire begging to be unleashed.
Lukas turned as I stood. His maniacal grimace dropped. “Damn-”
I hurled a fireball at his chest, sending him flying back. I channeled the flames to crawl across my body like armor covering me but not burning.
“You’ve hurt my friends,” I said as I stalked towards him, leaving a seared trail in my wake. “You tried destroying our home and using me like a puppet. Not anymore. I’m not going to let you hurt them or me ever again.”

I can’t wait to see how this story continues to grow. With all that happened, it could seriously go anywhere. It’s fast pace with magic and fights around most corners, will keep you wanting more. The magical element of this book was addictive and I definitely need to get my hands on the next instalment. The Outcasts’ powers are crazy and I really am keen to see them working more together, and using their powers as a team. They will be quite the force together, I just know it.

The only thing that made me lower the score was that although I really enjoyed a lot about this book, there were small areas within the story, that for some reason, I disconnected from and didn’t feel the full power of the scenes…which meant I didn’t get the full impact or that incredible wow feeling at times (if that makes sense?)…But the ending scenes brought it back with a BOOM though for sure! I am unsure if that was just me because my brain isn’t focusing properly, but I would randomly find myself zoning out. So maybe its just me…but because I like to be transparent with you guys, I just wanted to quickly add that. 🙂

Sooo who’s ready to dive into this brand new world? Be sure to check it out. 😀 I’m excited for you all to read it! Now, I’m off to read my next ARC Reclaimed, by Jaymin Eve. Eeeeek! This is actually the perfect gif, since some ARC readers are commenting about the book and the killer cliffy. So wish me luck. Haha. I may need some serious survival kit for this one.

Thanks Sean, for the amazing opportunity to read and review your new upcoming book! Always a pleasure reading your work!

Okay, I’m gonna leave it at that. Hopefully, this helps you find your next great read! 😀

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