Reclaimed (Shadow Beast Shifters 2) – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Reclaimed (Shadow Beast Shifters 2) by Jaymin Eve

Holy damn fireflies! I tried to leave this ramble for a day, to see if my brain could finally come up with something more impressive to express myself…but dang…I don’t know how I’m going to review without letting a spoiler fly…but hopefully, the fireflies will catch them before that happens lol. Wow. Just wow! I loved this book so much…but Miss Jaymin we need to have words….coz that ending…I was not prepared for that! Nothing ever could prepare me for what you just made happen! Nope. That’s just mean…I’m definitely not okay with that ending. At. All. This was me trying to ward that ending off.

My internal devastation levels are matching to this little bubba’s – I’m actually totally feeling that kick-in the chest feeling just by looking at this gif

I really hope for my sanity I have this book like pronto. Maybe tomorrow? Do you think we could arrange that? If not I may have to find me my own Luci lol…coz we know he could totally make it happen, he even says so 😂

If anyone is expecting sanity out of me right now…that is the most absurd thing I’ve heard all day! Unless your picture of sanity is more like this ↓ haha. Then you’d be spot on. 😂

I honestly, don’t even know where to start. Someone help me. I’m falling down the crazy rabbit hole. Spiralling. Jaymin you making me cray-cray. Yes, I’m blaming this all on you this time lol.

Mera is rubbing off on me, with her word usage of “Dude” lol.

This book is the kind you can lose yourself in and lose track of all time. The time continuum ceases to exist. It’s a book that will demand to be read and won’t be ignored. For good reason to. It’s got gripping material. A story that will have you so invested, that you go a little crazy when it all comes to an end. That’s a good story for you.

I really loved so much about this book. I really enjoyed the growth of relationships and especially loved Angel and Mera’s friendship. Something truly special about watching that grow…and of course, Shadow and Mera too. He really wasn’t expecting a girl like her crashing into his world, but I betcha he’d have it no other way. I also loved a completely new being, that was brought in, and the relationship that grew between Mera and said being. Yes, I’m being deliberately vague here lol. It’s a fun pastime of mine.

I also really enjoyed seeing Mera and many of the characters, in fact, grow. Growth in all characters is important for me. I want to feel them grow with the story and they certainly did that. But I really loved how far Mera comes in this story. She truly finds herself and a pack that she can rely on. I love her fiery determination, will and fight. It’s something I really gravitated towards with her character. She’s been surrounded by people that try and get her to obey and follow commands…but she’s determined to stand on her own, and not let anyone push her around. She’s done with all that. She refuses to let her control be taken away and be a victim ever again. And it seems some are finally getting it in their heads…she is so much more than what she was ever made to feel, within the Torma pack.

“Listen to me,” he rumbled, and there was so much command in his voice, I had no choice but to obey. “You’re the least useless being I’ve ever met. The way you adapted to the Solaris System, making friends, helping and learning, is nothing short of admirable. You went to the top of my never to be underestimated list, and I promise, that’s a small list.”

Hmm, so this is the part I’ve been holding back from… the part where I give a basic summary of this book, without ruining it. Unsurprisingly, for me, it’s quite hard lol. Okay, well, basically, it’s time for Mera to continue on her path…and its gonna be hella rocky. We remember that brutal ending of Rejected right? How could we forget? But maybe it’s not all as it seems. Shadow is one to hold his cards close to his chest, and his cards are slowly beginning to be revealed…and Mera may no longer want to murder him (so that’s a positive, yeah?)…but she is seriously done with powerful men pushing her around. Mera finds herself and stands true to who she is to the core. Not changing herself to fit anyone else. And man I love her sarcasm. It legit cranks up in this book, and I was forever chuckling at her ways. She’s just a character you can’t help but love.

I think we all knew she just wanted my death to get me out of the way, though, and there was one seven-foot-tall reason for that.
“Let’s do it!” I said with fake excitement. “I live to save worlds. It’s my calling, and I so appreciate you making this happen for me.”

With certain things happening in the world, from Mera’s power display in the beginning…it’s time to finally find the answers… behind that door to the Shadow Realm. But nothing is as it seems and many illusions are being woven, in more than one way. Truths and deceptions will be uncovered…and maybe, finally, some answers about why Mera feels so connected to this Shadow world…including her connection to the creatures, she can somehow control. Her power is slowly unlocking and the answers she seeks will truly blow your minds….and they are all within this book 😉….Maybe, Mera will be the very reckoning needed, that the royals will never see coming.

Well, on the plot at least hahaha

This is a book that you do not want to miss! So make sure you have it preordered, it’s releasing on the 12th of January (Find on Amazon – Reclaimed). Everyone needs to be sucked out of reality…and into an incredible story that’ll keep you on your toes, wanting/needing more! It’s a story to easily get addicted to and lose your mind over…So be prepared for some turbulence, that may be experienced during the ride, and a body crash once you’ve finished lol. I know I was. But it’s all worth! I promise!

I know I spent a good while whinging about that cliffy lol…but I really loved everything that Jaymin torturously put me through, with this book. Even if I still feel her book needs to spend some major time in time-out. I’m dead serious about this! Just grrr. Anyways, I saw this posted in her ARC group and it is so spot on to how I felt after reading this book lol.

Thank you, Jaymin, for all the craziness you put me through. I love reading your books and being apart of them and the journey they all take me on. Wouldn’t want it any other way. Well, aside from getting your books at a click of my finger, and I don’t mean one-click on Amazon 😂. You guys should all know by now, I’m crazy impatient when it comes to the next book releases. It’s actually, kinda strange how one can be considered patient in most things in life… but knows not the meaning of the word in the bookish world lol (yes hello Crowley lol). Anywho, random tangent. Ugh, may the next book come out soon! I will just be over here counting down the time to the next release….even if I don’t know the official release date for Reborn lol. I suppose I’ve done weirder things 🤷🏻‍♀️😆 It’s okay, you can pretend you don’t know me lol.

Just lastly before I close up…I just wanted to note that this book is aimed at a mature audience, due to sexy- times content and swearing. So do please keep that in mind for younger readers.

Okay, let’s call that quits aye? I’m about rambled out. I gotto go recoup or something. There’s not enough ice-cream in the world for this book hangover…Sorry if my Ramble is all over the place. Between Jaymin and my brain malfunction, there wasn’t much hope for it lol. May it at least cause some entertainment haha.

Be sure to click follow if you want to keep up to date with my crazy bookish rambles. I should be back soon with more. I have Heather’s upcoming release of Dark Fae Unrivaled next on the list.

Thanks as always Ramblers for being with me. Comment below if you have anything to add or want to get your discussion on. 😀

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