WYR Wednesday!

Here’s today’s WYR decision brought to you by myself and Tinker (or as others know her Ashley) who helped to click my brain into evil gear…🥁

WYR be stuck and lost (literally) in your most hated book world for eternity, suffering a death for every moment you resent the place OR to be present for the world to destroy every book that was ever created, both cyberly and printed….it’ll be a world where no person remembers how to write or create stories ever again. So that means you’ll never be able to touch or smell a book ever again.

What will your decision be?

5 thoughts on “WYR Wednesday!

  1. I would rather be stuck in my most hated book’s world ( cuz it does not exist 😂) ok let’s rephrase; I would rather be stuck in my least favourite book’s world because atleast I can read books there and find my solace in it. #booknerdforever!❤ @Tassi

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    • Haha nice try…it’s magic so it’ll automatically transport you into a world it know you would hate lol. For those who don’t have a hated book 😂 …but fair enough. I’d choose the same as well lol. Coz a world with no books ugh it’s inconceivable lol.


  2. Sadly, I would have to resort to book burning….whew!
    Welcome to FF’s Unsanity 😉
    Both choices are kinda bad outcomes…a true WYR!
    That was fun! Look forward to next WYR WED.


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