WYR Wednesday!

Here’s today’s WYR…

WYR be taken into a cruel Faerie world to pay off your debt, for being caught stealing fruit but end up being stuck there because you ate their food (don’t imagine a nice Fae world, imagine the cruel trickster kind). OR be sent to a Supernatural Prison for accidentally using a power you didn’t know you had, and  you learn you are a half breed disgrace (according to the para kind) and are targeted at every turn, wanted dead.

In both scenarios you do not know the Paranormal exists prior to the above happening. 

What will it be?

9 thoughts on “WYR Wednesday!

  1. OKAYYYYYY…….You got me there!

    LMAO, THIS IS SOOO HARD😂😅! It took me someeee time to decide on this WYR! Usually, I always know my answer on what my choice would be before writing the comment but now I had to do some serious thinking!

    hmmmmmm…..I guess I will go with the Supernatural Prison one ’cause mayyybe I would be able to survive with my powers and as for the faerie thing I would still be human and you mentioned the faerie people to be cruel and stuff so my survival seems unlikely…..

    Henceforth, the conclusion, Lady WYR, is that I go with the Supernatural Prison! (LOL, ignore the drama)

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    • Hahaha no no I’m not ignoring the drama coz I LOVE it!! 😁😆 it made me entertained. Haha my thoughts exactly. I feel like if I at least have some power I have at least more of a chance of surviving and I could kinda fight back, well once I learnt my powers haha. Hahaha I love that you put so much thought into it. Thanks for playing along and making a REALLY hard decision! 😍

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  2. I just have one teeny-tiny request……

    PWEASEEE just go a leeetle easy on me next time!😅😆

    LOL my drama in words may be lovable but if u see my drama face to face u gonna b like this gal needs therapy lmao😬😅🤣


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