WYR Wednesday!

I’m having some withdrawals from This Broken Wolf, so this weeks WYR is a scenario that was very much to do with that book.

So here is your WYR (sorry @bookbud101 in advance, since this probably won’t be classed as easy lol) – WYR be a deceiver for your whole life, with your words being forever twisted with lies and tricks, not knowing yourself what is truth or lies, but able to be the closest to your original personality…OR be the worst kind of coward with multiple split personalities that never allows you to find your true self?

Both scenarios are based in a supernatural world with no cure or medicine to fix you.

What will it be?

6 thoughts on “WYR Wednesday!

  1. No faiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrr (Ocean Eyes vibes lol)…..💙💙💙
    ok, I will definitely take the former one. I may be a liar, deceiver, and trickster to people but at least I will be true to myself, and I guess that is the most important thing, whether it is in books or real life. Being a coward with multiple personalities will be mentally very exhausting for me as I will just strive to make others happy and not know what am I really and what is my personality. ( Yes, I do have this serious and philosophical side lol😆😆)

    I guess this WYR was in one way very thought-provoking. Hey, this WYR might be the next question posed in literature like the one by Shakespeare: “to be or not to be?”

    Hang in there @booknerdtassi!😂😂

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  2. Haha least I apologised in advance aye 😂

    Ahh but the true question within your thought process is… how can one really be true to their self, if a huge part of their personality is a trickster and liar? As it deceives you as well. So are you truly ever yourself? See very thought provoking right? So either way does that mean you are losing a part of who you are in that scenario too? I think I just went and got lost a little into the philosophical rabbit hole lol.

    Hahaha 🤣 well if it is they better put me as the name that started this literature statement lol.

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  3. @booknerdtassi

    Now that brings light to a whole new answer!

    (drumroll!!!🥁🥁😆 )

    There might be a point of time that will come where we will start thinking about whether we are true to ourselves with this web of lies and deceit and when things are getting out of control (because people who have lived in such a way are bound to be caught in their lies one day right? or the lies might always have consequences that turn our entire life into a nightmare) we may start losing our selves too and when that happens, that is when my hunger for truth would lead me on a road to self-discovery because I would still want to know the truth about me, I would want to know what are the lies and what is the truth and maybe, on that quest I will find my lost self again, and I guess if i have that determination for the truth, then maybe I won’t need any medicine to cure me of this curse, because at that point, maybe all the pain I take through that road of finding my true self would cure me of this. (it is a supernatural story right? and also all of this is gonna be in a book, so this might be in some way symbolic to represent the message that we should stay true to ourselves I guess)

    That would be a long read, but lemme know what you think of this answer!

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  4. This is very hard….bad or bad?
    I will chose the 2nd option.
    It is already an effect of life that our “one true” selves are subject to constant change, so with that taken into consideration, I would choose to be the “coward” who can in the least be able to discern “truth”. Well met, Tassi, the nerd of books.
    It is always a pleasure to play WYR, with you!
    Thank you for being born!

    ~’Fraid Fist

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    • Haha yep there’s no easy answer for this one.
      I like your way of thinking. I would choose the same option myself too. Liars are not something I handle well. Had one too many in my life. So yes the inability to stop myself from lying or not being able to discern the truth would be torture in itself. And like you said we are ever changing as it is. So what truly is ourself?
      Thanks for always playing along 🙂
      and ditto!
      From one coward to another lol

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  5. An interesting discussion is worth comment. There’s no doubt that that you need to publish more on this subject, it may not be a taboo matter but typically people don’t speak about such issues. To the next! All the best!!

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