WYR Wednesday!

So here is your decision for the day…

WYR be captured and put under duress to be the best game master controller (think of Hunger Games or Outcast Fae), making bad things happen is absolutely crucial and a requirement (people will be tortured/killed if you fail to bend to this)so you’d be making potential catastrophic domino effects happen to inmates/players OR WYR  be captured and forced (AKA torture if you don’t comply) to be in the games themselves where anything can happen and no one to trust. You have a less than 0.01% chance of survival. You don’t know how to fight and haven’t done any survival training and you do not have any magical abilities.

What will it be?

8 thoughts on “WYR Wednesday!

  1. I did not have to think about this one…
    Throw me in the ring, I’m not a super villain.
    I will take my chances as a combatant and hopefully bring an end to this evil game, saving the world form this WYR scenario!……or die trying!

    This one is easy choice but what a cruel WYR this is!!!

    Once again, I hope you are well (enough!)
    May you be blessed with easy days and rock hard resolve!


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    • Haha but the trick is with all my other WYR scenarios most have chosen to protect those they love at a cost. So if the person does it to protect those they love to be tortured and killed wouldn’t that make them less the super villain kind? That’s what made me twist it around a little this time. Lol. To see how the odds went lol. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ But yep both are totally terrible and cruel choices lol.

      Bravo for the revolution you will most likely begin. May the odds be ever in your favour lol. Oh and you can find me in the ring too. Albeit you probably won’t trust me much since I told you your person in the scenario wouldn’t trust anyone….soooo allies is probably pushing it but maybe we can still make a revolution uprising happen lol.

      Thank you! I’m hanging in there…And likewise 🙂 … I hope your week hasn’t been too bad!!
      – Tassi – your friend – and totally your revolution uprising ally 😁

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      • Your response warms my heart!

        I would go to combat for you at beckon call!

        Days roll like marbles in a bathtub; all knocking into each other and losing track! Before we know it I shall be here again to wrap my mind around one of your fabulously entertaining and enlightening WYR scenarios!

        Your friend and ally,

        ~FF 🙂

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      • Aw that is so sweet!😊 seems like I’ve made quite the impression on you. Haha does this make me the uprising leader if you’ll follow my beck and call lol? I dunno if I’d make a good leader lol. I’m more likely to end myself accidentally by tripping over something lols lol 😂

        May my mind come up with another WYR that keeps you entertained. It’s amazing/weird how some just come to me with little thought and some I truly ponder over lol. Guess reading keeps the ideas flowing. 🙂

        Til next week my friend 😊

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  2. LMAO, this was really hard!!!😂😂

    For sure I don’t wanna be a super-villain, but then it would be sort of boring to be the good guy ALLL the time….so this time I will take option A: SUPER-POWERFUL, SUPER-VILLAIN! (cue thunderstorm)
    (cue evil laugh) MWAHAHAHAH!

    I mean sure I would have taken the second one but there is no option for survival training loll so I will die the minute the round starts!!😅🤣

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    • Bahahaha this legit cracked me up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 but can you really be all that bad if you are doing it to protect your loved ones from being brutally tortured? That is the question.

      Haha i relate. I offered to ally up with another contender but since in the scenario it’s likely to go astray since the whole not trusting anyone issue lol…and that’s not taking in my general ability to hurt myself on nothing. So I’d probably take myself out accidentally 😂 forget about survival training I need Tassi training from myself 🤣🤣🤣🤣


  3. Well… if you know the MALEFICENT movie, then in that we saw she was a sassy super-villain with some goodness inside her heart….

    BTW, I know it is out of topic but I started on Elemental Outcasts before after reading your review and I just finished. OMG it was I-N-S-A-N-E!

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    • Fair point, fair point.
      I love off topic comments 😁 ohh yay so happy to hear that you love it! it was definitely a pretty good story! I can’t wait for book 2! I’m still waiting to hear about an official release date gah.

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