Reborn (Shadow Beast Shifters 3) – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Reborn (Shadow Beast Shifters 3) by Jaymin Eve

Gah, I can’t even. I. Can’t. Even. Seriously guys. This is the absolute best! I stupidly thought I was prepared for literally anything but…alas, I really wasn’t. There is no way to prepare for this, at all. This book had me coming, going and ranging from so many different emotions, that half the time…I probably wouldn’t be able to narrow it down to just one emotion; because I was feeling the whole kit and caboodle. It’s a story that will have you feeling all the feels and sorry, but you cannot escape it…that ball of emotion will chase you down.

it gave me a chortle using this as my first gif lol…coz Mera and Indiana Jones 😆

So it doesn’t matter how awesome you are at locking down your emotions, if you don’t get choked up at least a couple of times…there’s seriously something wrong with you. You can even blame the onions, that you were totally cutting up or dust allergies. Whatever suits you. I’m thinking onions seem more legit though.

I feel like I may need to give a heads up, that this could be a total ramble fest. But I can’t help it. Jaymin destroyed me then put me back together again. She was legit this close to me taking a hike to her house and taking a beanbag launcher to it. I was about ready to riot. What a way to meet though? 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ “So umm hi love your work but I have a score to settle first before I even consider hugging you.” *as picks up launcher and sprays her house in the little pesky beanbag balls that you’ll forever be finding.*

“they” is me 😂

What? it’s a totally normal thing to do…meanwhile, Jaymin over in her neighbourhood be like…

Okay, okay I’m moving on from my strange ways (if that’s even possible 😂). But seriously, once you’ve read it, you’ll understand my not at all exaggerated feels and plans. 😁 The panic was real guys. It’s so hard not to expand on what my freak-outs were about…but one, in particular, I have to say, I’m still yet to recover from. I was all but close to rocking in a corner, whilst also having a mini Patrick and Spongebob running around in circles inside my head. Look at me multi-tasking. Rocking in corner and running around. Told ya I was feeling more than one thing at a time haha.

Even once everything was sorted…this was still me…legit feeling like I went an exercised and ran a marathon.

And I may also have thought this….but don’t worry Jaymin, you got released pretty quickly once you came back from losing your mind lol. 😛

So don’t say I didn’t warn you, about any potential upcoming cause for freakouts dudes…because they are coming your way. But rest assured there is a happy ending…even if it’s hella crazy getting to that point…and honestly, I couldn’t have pictured it ending any better. Everything and how it all fell into place…just fantabulous!

I honestly don’t know what to say to encourage you to finish this series…but you have to see it through. There was something about this book and how it tied everything together, that really connected me even more to the series. Which is saying something. The friendships and how they grow and how they all bond as a group…feeling secure in themselves to just be who they are. No hiding. There is a rawness to it that can be hard to create when writing characters and worlds. And this was a shot outta the park. The characters couldn’t have been made to feel any more real then they are. Just loved them all. This story also has some really great points to take out of it for yourself. Embrace who you are and you will find your people. Don’t dim your light for anyone, even those jerks out in the world. Be the light. And rise from the ashes. 🖤

“Let’s do this. Together, we can figure out why you’re here, what the hell happened to this place, and what sort of smoke demon pet we just inherited.”
I was struck by the truth that real friends, as rare as they were, could be recognized in how they encouraged us—either via words or actions—to be the best versions… the strongest versions of ourselves. And when we couldn’t be strong, they were there to pick us up and hold us together.
Like right now, our confidence together was what pushed us to take our first steps into the new unknown we were facing.

I really loved the emotional rollercoaster that Jaymin has once again taken me on…where I’m just rolling from the emotional buzz and adrenaline, of a story well made and constructed. I don’t know how you do it but your dang good at it. Must be made of magic I say.

So once again, I’m in a tail spin and writing my Ramble like the weirdest being. Like seriously, why am I writing this like a crazy person, jumping here there and everywhere?! It’s like someone has inhabited my brain and has me spazzing out, not sure where I want to be writing. But then, randomly, a new thought pops into my head…and I’m like, ‘ooooh I need to add that somewhere’, as I start in a new section. I feel CRAZY. That. Is. What. Jaymin. Does. To. Me.

Erm, right so I should probably give some book summary now. Oops. Right. Well, I did kinda warn you about Rambling. It’s my thing. But let’s talk a bit about the story. I know we were all hella crazy about the cliffy…but thank the stars, (or umm should I say Shadow lol?) Mera is one stubborn little wolf. Things in her mind just aren’t adding up and she’s determined to find the answers. To find what is missing. So even though she finally has the dream life of having a true mate, Mera knows she’s being lied to and messed with. But whenever she starts pushing, to try and remember, pain crashes in her brain. But nothing like that is going to stop her. Our girl will keep pushing until she finds the truth.

Let’s just say the moment she works out who messed with her…its game on…and no longer will she let others take what she has finally found. Friends. Family. Pack. Together they will fight for the future they all deserve. Fight to save those they love.

Once again the Realms are at risk and the clock is definitely ticking. Dannie’s need to find the ultimate balance has her brain cells whacked out on power, from that blasted stone…and if they don’t find a way to stop her, more than just the Shadow world will be destroyed. But first, it’s Mera’s task to get her pack back together. Which is a lot harder than you’d think. With Shadow in his full beasted-out form, more animalistic than you’ve ever seen…is going to be an interesting task. Not to mention, an Angel who has shut herself up in Honor Meadow. One thing Dannie didn’t take into account, was the power of these dudes. They all know something is missing in their life and are all suffering without knowing why. That truly hurt my heart.

And now it’s time to align everything. Time to be reborn. And to rise from those ashes. To survive against all odds.

Oh, and y’all be happy to know that the Torma Pack totally gets served. Sorry I couldn’t not say it.

I didn’t know where to say this…so I’m gonna be hella random. But there’s this new character, Sam, and I just have to say, I really loved her. Talk about instant connection. But she was a perfect introduction in this story and fit so amazingly well with Mera. I, seriously, hope to see more of her and learn more of her story down the road. I can’t get one of the scenes, she was in, out of my head…first off, because I 100% agreed lol and secondly, it’s just an awesome bonding scene. I’ve been debating whether to share it or not…but eh why the hell not? 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s my ramble after all lol. 😆

Only pieces of white shelving remained, piled haphazardly across the shiny floor. The books that had once adorned those shelves had fared no better, now just scattered pages and torn covers.
“Are you a book lover?” Sam asked, sounding choked up.
I nodded, my head bobbing like one of those stupid dolls. “Huge book lover,” I said through my tight throat. “I feel like I’ve stumbled into my worst nightmare, and the only thing that could make this worse is if a f****** clown car drove in, eighteen tiny clowns piled out it, and then they pummeled me to death using the broken books.”
Sam cleared her throat. “Oh, good. I was worried I’d be the dramatic one in this friendship.”
“Rest assured…” I choked out. “You have no need to worry on that front.”…
Walking farther into the room, I found myself growing uncharacteristically angry. “Whoever did this is a f****** murderer,” I rumbled. “How could they?”
Sam wasn’t laughing now. “Yep, a book murderer, and if we find them, I’ll help you bury the damn body.”

Gah, I can’t wait for you guys to dive into this book! I’m so excited for the world to see it. Be prepared for its release on the 31st March. You can find it here on Amazon – Reborn.

I can’t believe it’s day two after finishing this read because man…my heart is still both happy and sad to see this series, for Mera and Shadow, close. Coz Shadowshine forever! Totally gushing right now, because these two have gone through sooo much to get where they are now…and I can’t help it, but these two are adorable, trouble together. Don’t tell Shadow I called them adorable lol. Just to give you a little sneaksie of what you have to look forward to.

“You’re the match to my soul, Sunshine,” he rumbled through the power surrounding us. “You are my one. The only being I would destroy worlds for, and I’m afraid I did just that.”

Amiright or what?

But it’s not quite ending here! Eeeek there’s gonna be spin-offs which I’m so stoked about. I don’t think I could quite say goodbye to this world without them. You even get super treated…and there’s a snippet of one in the works at the end of Reborn. 😁

Okay, so I’ve rambled a lot…but just be prepared to be taken on the wildest of adventures…all whilst knowing that you will finally have all the answers, without there being any earth heaving, heart-stopping cliffy. Huge relief right?! But be sure to have all your comfort foods on hand, because if you’re like me, you are going to need them. Or a blanket. Blankets are nice for comfort. Keep it close for all those moments that’ll be tossing your emotions around, like a dang ping pong ball.

Wow, so sorry guys for the crazy longest Ramble ever. Congratulations if you made it this far! I hope I convinced you to read this book, that will seriously touch your heart. Thank you to the awesome-saucy Jaymin for this hella-crazy rollercoaster ride, that now owns my heart. You totally rock but I wanna know if you have a little Pinky and The Brain living inside your head? Lol it’s totally a valid question 😂

Hehe either way I love the worlds you are forever creating. That brain of yours….Ahhhmazing. Can always trust that your worlds will have me slipping out of reality. Which man, do I need. So thank you for all you do, probably without even knowing the difference you can make for others. Giving them an escape from a life that feels like it’s forever knocking you down. Keep doing you girl. Love ya 🖤

As my Ramblers probably know by now I am on Jaymin’s ARC team, but as always these are my true thoughts. Seriously, you can’t fake these sort of Rambles. It’s impossible. Let me know in the comments your thoughts? What are you most excited about with this final book? And once you’ve read share all the deets with me. 😀

Okay, wow…yep I’m done now.

Don’t forget to follow if you want to keep up to date.

But here’s a hug for when you’re finished, coz you probably gonna need one lol.

**Sidenote: This is a New Adult book which does contain mature content, swearing and sexual content – So please keep that in mind for younger readers

4 thoughts on “Reborn (Shadow Beast Shifters 3) – ARC Review

  1. I m expecting gaslight and probably physical abuse, but what i fear most is the sexual abuse. I hate reading ” borderline ” rape scene and i need to know if they are to be expected. I say borderline because i m expecting not forcefull rape but mental rape.. Like her not fighting it dispite not really wanting it because her wolf is mated to the guy and because of the massive gaslighting. Besides, i expect the alpha and beta would team up against her, even encouraging ” sharing her” or’ ‘competing’ ‘ over her while not expecting monogamy on their part.. I would feel sick if things progress into the sexual.. Psychological abuse isn t much better but i hope with enough fortitude, the heroine could make it bearable to read if she resists enough..

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