WYR Wednesday!

Hey guys and happy Wednesday! Sorry I’ve been a total slacker of late. I think I missed like 2 WYR’s in a row. Bad Tassi! Life just got hella crazy and stressful.

But I bring my WYR for today.

WYR be allowed to only read new releases, so that’s no rereads of any past released books; even within series OR only ever be able to read the classics, so no new material, ever?

2 thoughts on “WYR Wednesday!


    Lmao, those are my crazy thoughts splattered there but SERIOUSLY! it seems u took a short break from posting on two consecutive Wednesdays to post THIS ONE!

    I take the new releases one though ’cause at least I will get across some new books and won’t be reading the same content all the time. I mean sure I literally reread books every single time but then I have been in a phase where I was starving of new content and BORED rereading
    the same books for a long time (except for Harry Potter) and so I am slightly happy in choosing the second option but still, the first option is still important and it would be cruel to not do it ever again.

    anyways, as much it was a whack on the head after two Wednesdays of no hard WYRs, it was still insanely um….INSANE!😆😅

    Hope you are well, and that life has resumed in treating you fine too!❤❤❤

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    • Man I LOVE reading your answers. Haha are you just working out that my WYR’s are evil lol 😆 but yes this is a hard one since I myself am forever rereading books but also love me some new content.

      Im with you on the new releases too…bc eventually with only reading classics, you’ll read them all and then what? No new content ever you’d just be stuck forever reading the same content….booooooorrrrrinnnnnggg lol.

      Haha a shock to the system aye. I lulled you into a sense of peace and BAM hit you with the evil choice lol.

      Thanks! 🖤 it’s getting a little bit more on track but still crazy. A fair few arc’s will be heading my way for April too. Hope you are well and you have a lovely day or evening depending on where you are in the world lol.

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