National Pay It Forward Day Giveaway!

Apparently theres such a thing as National Pay It Forward day, I wasn’t aware of but I love it! And today is the day! My sister actually made me aware of it and I LOVE the concept of it because EVERYONE deserves all the happiness and love…It’s a day to encourage people to show kindness and to spread that happiness, care and love around to as many as you can. And To make the most special and important ripple affect the world needs.

So today I’m going to run a giveaway.

All you have to do is tag a friend that you think needs some love and kindness in their life…and at the start of tomorrow I’ll draw 2 winners and will gift them each 1 physical book of their own choosing! I will purchase from an online bookstore and send directly to you.

So with that said, please be sure to pick a book that’s within most online book stores. 🙂

Happy National pay it forward day! 💜

This giveaway has nothing to do with fb and is all on me!

Feel free to share this post so as many people can experience the love and kindness everyone deserves. 💜

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