WYR Wednesday!

Hey guys wishing you a happy Wednesday! 🙂

Today’s Wednesday option is dealing with happy happy things, so is there really a bad choice? So here’s your Happy WYR…

WYR be placed in a romance retelling of your favourite childhood fairytale OR be thrown into a fantasy story but one that you can mostly control yourself (so the world structure is set for you and a basic plot set but you can fill in the blanks connecting them).

In both scenarios there will be some bad stuff happening since you have to naturally go through stuff to find your best self but nothing too off the charts lol.

4 thoughts on “WYR Wednesday!

    • Haha you do seem to have a thing for the second options lol. Filling in blanks can be interesting at the least. And very true! I’m stuck coz I want that but I also love Beauty and The Beast. But the thing holding the most sway is the killer Library Belle has hahaha. But yeah I’ll fill in the blanks too. I like to be in control more. And plus I can just make my own library lol.

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      • Oh I love the world of Beauty and the Beast!!!! Yes I see how the library would appeal! I love the kitchen and its “inhabitants” of Beasts castle!
        Yer awesome Ms. Tassi!!!!!!

        ~Zee Fiste’

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      • It’s the best right?!!! True true the inhabitants are pretty awesome too!!! Albeit they don’t stay stay as household appliances lol, unfortunately lol 😆 right back at ya!!! 😀💜

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