WYR Wednesday!

Hey guys wishing you a happy Wednesday! 🙂

So I’ll have you know that I had an awesome idea for todays WYR but I was on the verge of falling asleep and hence I forgot to write it down and now I don’t remember it…ugh I know. I bet you are disappointed about that too lol. But alas, I came up with another but it’s not nearly as good.

WYR be the one having to choose/make the hardest hardcore decisions to save your favourite fantasy world from exploding…that means decision like who will be sacrificed whether that’s the love interest, main character or any other life (every life in that world is in your hand), to save said world…OR being a soldier that has no choice but to obey all orders (physically you will have to obey, think of it like compulsion).

What will your choice be?

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