In The Life Of The Chronically Sick…

So you guys may have noticed that I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks now. Or maybe you totally didn’t lol. Either way, I’m finally making my presence once again back on the social platforms, I bet you totally missed me, not 😂. Nothing exciting happened in my absence…instead, over the last few weeks I actually got quite sick and run down and I’m only just now starting to feel a bit more human again. Still mostly in bed due to extreme fatigue levels but I don’t feel half dead at least, so that’s a win right?

Today though has been an interesting day. For the first time I had an at home blood test and whilst they don’t give you a time, as to when they’ll be there, it did take a lot of risk out of the equation for me, since I don’t have to leave the house. Where I live COVID is pretty crazy right now and we are on like our 6th week of lockdown. So going out to the shops to get a blood test was even riskier, considering I’m on an immunosuppressant medication, which means my immune system is at zero…and then to top that off with the fact I’m still recovering from a simple cold my immune system is probably still struggling just with that lol. Does anyone else imagine little white blood cells running around their body trying to kill invaders or is that just me? Except I imagine my white blood cells getting kicked about coz they are too tired to fight Lol 😆 . But back on track…anyway this person came over took my blood and that was that. Such a relief that they have options like this for those who are more fragile and at higher risk. Albeit can I just say it did still feel a little odd having them come to me in my home. The man sorta seemed surprised I was so young lol. I can imagine his brain being like ‘erm you are totally not my normal patient’. So I imagine he sees a lot more elderly people then my age. He clearly thought so too since he did ask about it.

But today has been a busy morning of activity, well for me. As in top of a blood test, I also had to have a phone consult from my heart specialist doctor, who was calling in regards to my Tilt Table test results. As I explained in my last “In the life of the chronically sick” post it was proven that I have this syndrome that makes me pass out. I was unsure if there would be treatment options for this response my body has for just deciding to pass out…and thankfully there is a couple of options on the table. Since it’s an autonomic reaction, meaning my body has no control over it, due to a dysfunction in my nervous system…he believes a doctor specialising in neurological and autonomic issues is the way to go. So first course of action is to see a very specialised clinic, it isn’t necessarily easy to get into, but he believes that with how this syndrome is having high impact on my life, that I should be placed on the waiting list and prioritised 🤞🏻. So guess it’s just a wait and see game until I hear news back from them, as to when I can get some treatment. Treatment options mentioned were medication and way down the line, if nothing works maybe a pacemaker (not a high percentage of people go this route though… from what I’ve learnt the pacemaker settles the heart rate when it goes to skyrocket, keeping it more balanced, which in turn means it keeps blood vessels dilated limiting the blood pooling in legs and stops the sudden drop in blood pressure, which is what essentially triggers an episode). But baby steps first, before we go that route lol. My mum and I did have a chuckle when he mentioned it’s not a strong likelihood…since I always seem to find myself in the random and rare pathways lol. So we were both kinda like, “dude don’t put that out there!” 😂🙈😅

So that’s been my day so far…and to be honest I’m totally exhausted from it all. Even if I didn’t leave home for any of this. Joys of limited energy supplies. Anyways, I hope you all are doing well and are all behaving yourselves and not going too stir-crazy.

PS also apologies if I don’t make any sense and just sound like word vomit lol…combining words right now is not my strong suit. So have fun with that.

2 thoughts on “In The Life Of The Chronically Sick…

    SOOOO glad to know you are still there and fighting like a brave warrior!✌🤩 TBH you are juz like those brave protagonists we always read about in our favorite books! (except that you would rather want to fight werewolves and ruthless monsters rather than battling a chronic illness but hey, that is one battle too!) Anyways, it is not very common for people nowadays to come on a social platform and share their problems and stay positive! So proud of ya! keep going and never give up!💗👏👏👏 And at times if u feel lonely (not that u will, seeing that u have a super awesome mommy by ur side!) just remember I am your friend for life! ( even though I may not be of much help since I am miless awayyy!!!😩) but then again, online friends are a thing now! 😁💗


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    • Aww heeey!!! 😍 this comment really made my day. Thank you so much for being an amazing support and friend!! 💜💜 And you aren’t wrong some of my closest friends are online the hardest part is the distance when you just want to hug them.

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