In The Life Of The Chronically Sick…

Hey my beautiful ramblers! I know I’ve been terrible of late and haven’t been around much, keeping things active. Life has been really stressful. Between family things and health, life has felt very up in the air and totally out of my control; Which my OCD ways are struggling with. We are also in our 8th week of lockdown, which is kinda what I wanted to talk about…coz it’s got me thinking, that maybe I can help shed a bit of light on the life of the chronically sick.

As a chronically sick person, that is mostly at home due to their health issues, it has been interesting and also hard watching as healthy people are forced to stay home. That sounds a bit weird, but let me try and explain…so, basically, what I mean is that, in a way, each person in lockdown are all getting a very small glimpse into the world of someone chronically unwell. And looking at how people are reacting to this way of life is bizarre, because that is what my life is like all the time. I’m constantly at home, outside of going to the doctors or a random coffee outing once in awhile. But when you see these people that are chucking up a stink and even rioting over it because they have to stay home, for a limited time, it in a way baffles me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy being stuck at home and I’m in no way undermining the stress and emotional weight this is putting on many people…but I’m trying to help others see that what you are currently struggling with in lockdown, is actually what a lot of our lives look like, all the time. Example: mental health issues, social isolation, depression, anxiety…and the list goes on . But on top of this, being confined to home, we are also experiencing whatever else our chronic illness decides to throw at us.

So when someone asks me if lockdown has been rough on me. No, it really hasn’t, because living in lockdown, honestly, feels no different to my norm.

This post here, is just trying to spread awareness for the chronically sick and to help you picture just a small part of what it is like in our world. I recently saw an episode, of the new season of New Amsterdam, which touched base on those who are on immunosuppressant medications, and how they coped once their friends went back into the “real world”, while those sick felt left behind once again. This post isn’t meant to make you feel bad but sometimes, all we need is to feel just a little understood. Your life will eventually change up but for many of us we don’t always get that option.

I hope this helped you get a small glimpse into our life, so that more can understand what it can be like to live this life. I know for me personally, before I got sick, I honestly, and sadly enough wasn’t that aware about all these chronic sicknesses out there. Yes, you know that they are there, but it was never in my face like when I was diagnosed with all these things. It in a way, opened my eyes to a totally different world. A world I should’ve thought more about when I was healthy.

Stay safe and healthy my friends 🖤

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