In The Life Of The Chronically Sick…

Hey my beautiful ramblers! I’m back with another in the life of post…this one isn’t going to be that long…but today has been an exhausting day. Have I done anything to tire myself? Nope, my body just does that all on its ownsome, for no reason. Between dizzy spells, pain on more higher level, fatigue thats mostly kept me in bed for the day and just generally feeling off. It has just truly left me spent, mentally and physically…I did have the fun time of getting jabbed three times, though, today. Once for my recurring blood test and twice for my monthly injection for my Spondyloarthritis treatment. Nobody loves a needle and especially not three in the span of 15 minutes lol. Okay, I admit, you do sorta get used to it to a point, but if I never saw a needle again I’d be totally fine by that.

So I’ve felt quite under the weather of late as you guys know…extremely tired and like someone stole all my energy supply but I go into the fridge today and see a bottle of juice and its title was ”energy lift”…my first thought was let’s see if you live up to your name….I can honestly say, it did not lol…false advertising guys 😆… I had all my hopes set on that lift I tell ya. Anywho, mum comes into my room after I had a bit of a wahoo off with the fairies moment (AKA near fainting spell)…and she was like are you okay? My response: I’m good…with a half out of it thumbs up lol 👍🏻…and mum laughs, apologises for laughing and laughs some more lol. Apparently it wasn’t the response she was expecting lol 😂. You should know that I rarerly do/say what people expect lol. Its just not something I can control haha..It was probably more a you had to be there moment, coz I imagine the expression in itself said it all but yeah…

Anywho, I just got a new ARC today, one by Jaymin Eve, book 4 in the Shadow Beast series. So I’m looking forward to getting lost in that one! Just waiting for my brain to kick into gear a little bit more first. So keep an eye out for the review coming. 😊

I hope all my friends out there are doing well and remembering to be gentle and kind with yourselves. Self-care comes first my friends…That’s an extremely important lesson to learn.

Stay safe and healthy my friends 💖

PS if you like seeing these posts, I have created a category that will allow you to click directly on to and will show all these posts. Just to help with keeping my site as easy to use as possible for you guys.

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