In The Life Of The Chronically Sick…

Hey my beautiful ramblers! Dude, I seriously hadn’t been expecting to do another of these posts this week. Especially not one the following day lol. But something came up, that I have thought long and hard about sharing because I know topics like this one, can be a whole can of worms scenario lol. But after thinking on it, I truly felt it could help you see a little more into those of us that are chronically sick…and that sometimes we can’t just do things because it is required…and sometimes, definitely, not without first checking in with our doctors. So I wanted to speak for a couple of people, who I know, that have had either comments or judgement made on them about vaccinations.

For those that are healthy, there isn’t much thought put into whether you can vaccinate or not (as in you make your decision for yourself and that’s that). But there is a handful of us that need to consult our doctors and make them think things through before we can. Like me for example. As some of you may know, I’m on a medication that actually shuts down my immune system (immunosuppressant) and having a vaccine can trigger a few things with our autoimmune illness. For me, we have to consider past illness history (since I was a weirdo and got Kawasaki disease as a kid lol), medications, will it have an impact on my illness? How I will react? etc. etc etc.

Others with autoimmune diseases, a vaccine may have no affect on them, and when I say that, I mean their body will literally force and reject vaccinations out of their body. But yet, places of business and even everyday life will look badly down on that person and stop them from being able to do stuff, simply because they haven’t vaccinated themselves. And by doing so, force that person to have a vaccination when, in all honesty, it is pointless for them and extremely detrimental to their health, since…the person a month later or less, their bodies will have rejected and discarded it from their body. It seems pointless to tell that person, or remove them from life activities because of an illness they can’t control over, right? And yet some businesses are literally forcing these people to make these decisions, basically “promoting” them to a space where they are secluded from everyone around them. Even once their illness has been explained. There is still no understanding and especially no empathy and kindness shown for the individuals who can’t control their bodies response.

Anyways, after my GP was seeming unsure of what type I should take or whether I should or shouldn’t…I rang my Rheumatologist who has a deeper understanding of my medication. Whilst I could have either, he recommended the Pfizer Vacs for me. But I’ve had to work it around my Immunosuppressant med. As I can only take it about 1-2 weeks after my medication injection, as that’ll affect how my body takes it in. But regardless of even becoming fully vaccinated, my body’s immune response will not be like a “normal” one. Meaning, it won’t be as strong and effective as it is for the healthy. So even after having it, that does not mean I’ll necessarily be protected and safe to go out etc.

As an added bonus, I was also told that for me, this particular vaccination is going to send my body into a decent flare up (an increase in severity of a chronic illness). As it will trigger the inflammation and arthritis in my body. Sooo, looking forward to that lol.

This is not a message about whether to get vaccinated or not, but more a message that there are people out there that can’t always make their own decisions, because their bodies are making them for them. So please remember, that when talking to someone, as to why they can’t do something, whatever it may be…life, activities, you name it…that we can sometimes only do the best that we can. Even if that doesn’t meet another’s standards. I thought the topic of vaccinations truly helped me to show that with you guys.

I’ll leave you with this.

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”


Stay safe and healthy my friends 💖

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3 thoughts on “In The Life Of The Chronically Sick…

  1. Hi there!
    This post has opened my eyes to an even wider perspective of people going through such problems and it still hurts that the world does not understand the situation and continues to judge them. It is appalling that no one has any humanity and compassion even during these times when almost everyone is suffering and this is a very sad reality.

    Vaccinations are very important I agree, but if it is harmful to one’s health, then certain people totally deserve to be exempted from it rather than being excluded and judged for not being thoughtful for society. And then again, you can’t explain your situation to EVERY person asking and ridiculing you for not taking the vaccine, rather they should be more understanding and empathetic.

    I know I am being totally serious right now, but bestie, I had to say this that 👏every👏person👏 deserves👏consideration👏and👏support👏. And I am glad you are owning yourself and making the decision that YOU seem is right, and not what others think is good. I hope the Almighty protects you and helps you tolerate the pain you face ahead.

    Finally, some lyrics from a Harry Styles song to cheer up the mood a lil bit,
    ”🎶And we can treat people with kindness (just a little bit of kindness)🎶”
    -Be Kind, Harry Styles


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    • Hey this is random…but I was wondering if you could send me your address (through the contact form – so it’s not online anywhere). I was organising holiday cards and would like for you to get one. Totally understand if for privacy reasons you don’t want to. X

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  2. Hi lovely! Thank you so much for responding! I’m glad this post has helped you in that way. That was exactly what I was hoping for. It is truly saddening how judgmental people can be. And for this very reason I actually stopped talking about such things for quite a few years and even with friends. It just felt pointless. But recently I started getting that nagging feeling inside telling me how can I expect people to understand chronic illnesses if I’m not spreading what I do know? To help those bunch of people out there that just aren’t aware, but are willing to learn and take it in. You know what I mean?

    I agree everyone deserves to at least be considered and supported regardless how one feels on a topic. And definitely not judged for things out of their control. People need to make decisions that fit their circumstances without fear of whiplash. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your kind words. For me personally I’ve made the decision to get the vaccine, after going through all the info and speaking with my dr. But can’t say I’m looking forward to it lol, especially not the flare that’s heading my way.

    I love those lyrics and so so true. We need more kindness in this world. If only more took on this.

    As always thank you for your support and love…I appreciate YOUR own Kindness and love the rare gem that you are. Never change for anyone but yourself. Much love 💖💖💖 as I say to my mum lol…peace ✌🏻 love 💗 and chocolate 🍫

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