Blood Marked (Nightworld Court of Magic 3) – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Blood Marked by J.N. Colon

Holy flamin’ mushrooms on toast! This was so torturously perfect! 😍 …if I wasn’t already obsessed with this series this book would’ve done it for me. So much so, I think Jena might be starting to regret her beyond awesome-saucy talents…and now everytime I message her she’s probably thinking…

But girl it’s out of my control. You stuck with me now 😂, an Aussie is a hard thing to shake…after-all you only have to look at all the possible dangers we might have to face for the day 🤣🤣🤣… so the worst you can do is kill me off in your story. So I’m pretty okay with that lol. 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️

Anywho, This book had so much heartache and emotion in it, that I couldn’t help but be so completely moved by it. And when I say moved I mean hurricane rain style.

I loved everything about this book. The only thing I wasn’t a fan of, was when it ended and there was no more pages…I know right? The hide of some people lol. But everything else I loved. I loved the torture the book put me through and how seriously I was invested. I loved how Jena managed to have me growling at scenes, huffing when things went from bad to worse and had me whooping when I called it. All that truly shows is just how talented and amazing that author is. So if you see a crazy person running around excitedly it’s probably me. Ugh, no you are probably wrong. But I feel like this could be actual live footage of me trying to tell you all about the series. 😂

Ah dang I just realised I have to work out how to share what happens in the book without dropping spoilers. This book is probably the hardest I’ve come across to chat about without dropping anything…but Tinker help me, I can do this. Okay, as you’ll probably remember Thorn is now under the Fae’s protection…but with her Death Raker abilities raging, Thorn gets closer and closer to the edge…but our trusty Tink, true to his word, is keeping the darkness from taking over regardless of whether she wants his help or not. But will that be enough when the walls start closing in? Yep here’s a mean teaser.

“Nothing will ever be okay for me. I’m darkness. I might as well just give in.”

With the push and pull of their ever growing relationship, things are changing even if they are more willing to make a teasing game of it… but with things in Nightworld getting crazier, are they truly prepared for the unavoidable explosion that is about to throw their world tail spinning once more? Let me give you a hint:

I’m sure you also remember that Caleb and Thorn have now made it their mission to find all the relics? Well, upon them embarking on this new road, they find themselves learning a dark secret the grand witch has been hiding for years. This secret has Thorn doing the one thing she was determined to never do again…returning to Illyria.

But as hesitant as Caleb is of letting her go on her own…we all know that as soon as Thorn has made her mind up…that’s it. It’s a done deal.

Of course things don’t go completely to plan…if you thought that, you cray-cray lol. But whilst Thorn does escape, the consequences of her return are unimaginable. Damage is done and the wheels are in motion once more. But this time there is so much more at stake. Every one is basically playing their own game of manipulative, emotional chess, but not on the same board. That’s the best I can explain it. Without spoilers anyways. For me, I would say this book is more of a sinister game being played. Total emotion twister this one is. I felt this one hit the heartstrings even more than the others. I was not prepared for it.

So much stuff went down in this book and I couldn’t help but grow closer to the characters and I beyond loved the little twists this story kept bringing out…I did not call that thing happening after someone appeared and they ended up divulging a very interesting tidbit. It explained a lot. But I wasn’t surprised by that someone popping back out…I just felt they would reappear at one point or another. Jena dropped hints and it had my gut directing me. I always trust it. Before you start thinking I’m talking like a looney-bin…but object I must!

If you are a huge fan of Tink and Rose’s bantering you won’t be disappointed. I love my Tinkse. I also love how far they’ve both come. They just feel so real and raw, which is exactly all the things you need and want to see in characters…but that doesn’t mean that things are going to be a walk in the park. Heck no. Jena doesn’t believe in that kind of craziness (don’t worry neither do I 😆)….With these two always expect the turbulent collisions. So I’m gonna be nice and share a little teaser for you guys.

I was at his mercy. But he was also at mine. We had the power to destroy each other. And apparently, we were dead set on doing just that.

Hehe just kidding…I know that was evil of me…but I’m gonna make you sweat a little. Hey, at the very least it might give that final shove to pick up this book. Gotta work all the tactics aye. 😉

This is a book that I absolutely devoured (6 hour, yeah I timed myself lol). Nothing was getting in my way or stopping me. This was a story I absolutely needed. I’ve been in quite the book slump and I’m not the least bit surprised that Jena kicked my butt right out of that. Because that is just how awesome she is.

So mark this books release, 17th January, into your calendar. Trust me you do not want to miss it! It’d be a crime. You can find it on Amazon up for Pre-order here —> Blood Marked

If you feel like being taken on an adventure where reality will cease to exist and leave you only wanting more…yeah guys, I may be finished reading this book but I most certainly am not done done with it. I still feel emotionally, very much not finished. I just neeeeds the next one so much. So if you love that feeling this is right up your alley.

And just because I’m a meanie…I’m gonna leave one more torturous quote.

“You can break my heart into a thousand pieces, Rose Thorn, but you could never kill me.”

Okay fellow Ramblers. That’s it. I think my work is done here.

hehe I had to

Hope you all had a great New Years! I wish all the good things and for all the awesome books to find you this year.

Ps and just in case you haven’t been following me here or on my blog…I am a part of Jena’s ARC team so this book was provided to me in place of my honest ramble.


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