In The Life Of The Chronically Sick…

Hey, my beautiful Rambles! It’s been an age since I’ve made a post, which I do apologise for but the COVID caught me about 6 weeks ago and it has been rough going, to say the least. I can’t believe I made it 2 years without catching it, to be honest…but it hit and stubbornly refused to let my body get off that easily. Even now I’m still showing symptoms of having it and the rest of my body just decided to go into hectic flare mode…so it has been an interesting time.

Being out of bed hasn’t really been an option for me. Seems COVID likes to trigger a few other chronic illnesses I have, which seemed to cause a domino effect. For example, if I get up and walk down the short hallway has my Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia (IST) acting out and has my heart wanting to race at like 150bpm. Yeah I know, ridiculous right? At that rate, I feel like I should’ve at least run a block or something😆. This then triggers off my Vasovagol Syndrome (just a fancy way of saying my body likes to pass out) and you can see how that would complicate things lol…And with my exhaustion levels so high hasn’t helped with that either. It has, honestly, felt like an evil entity latched onto me and was sucking all my energy levels away for their own use, rude I know!

But at least now some symptoms have worn off but I’m still dealing with the sore throat, whacked-out body temperatures, bit of a cough and then my usual symptoms are a bit on hyper-alert. So things like allergies keep triggering, hypersensitivity to smells and taste (Yeah, COVID made my usually sensitive senses heightened more than usual. I was not impressed when chocolate just tasted wrong lol – I tell ya if that stays like that I’m not gonna be impressed I’ll need to speak to the manager if that doesn’t change! lol.) pain levels are worse, brain is pretty spacey which makes finding words a bit hard at times and it definitely hasn’t helped with anxiety levels. So yeah, it’s been a bit crazy and frustrating to be in my body. I want to relocate. Does anyone have a spell for that? 😆

But for some good news, I finally got my new laptop and it’s working like a charm as I write this post. So that’s pretty exciting. I also just received the case I personalised, to keep my new baby protected and I love it! Couldn’t just have any standard case now could we? Boor-ring.

Also, this author friend is probably going to be blushing or something but I wanted to share what amazing humans are out in the world. I can say I was so beyond touched by their kindness and thoughtfulness of me when they heard I’d been unwell. I got a huge surprise when my mum brought in a package for me and when I opened it, I was so washed with emotions. Miss Everly Frost went and spoilt me with some signed books “just because” she’s that amazing and beautiful. 🥰 My friend, this truly touched my heart in so many ways that I can’t even express…I feel so blessed to have such an amazing and beautiful soul in my life. Your friendship I treasure dearly. It amazes me that people would even think to do this for me…simply because they know I’m having a rough time and want to make it better in any way they can. If you have a person/people in your life like this, make sure they know just how special they are to you…Because they can be few and far between.

I’m hoping to try and be a bit more active with time and in the process…I’m working on publishing a ramble for the latest book I just finished, Hunt the Night. It was an incredible read too. Definitely obsessed.

Stay safe and healthy my friends 💖

PS if you like seeing these posts, I have created a category that will allow you to click directly on to and will show all these posts. Just to help with keeping my site as easy to use as possible for you guys.

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