In The Life Of The Chronically Sick…

Hey, my beautiful Ramblers! It’s been an age since I’ve made a post. Health and life has been a little bit rough of late.

In the world of my chronically sick life…this is what’s been cooked up or maybe cooking up lol:

Currently getting a lot of tests done since I’ve been having lot more issues with my stomach. We’ve ruled out a lot of things like aneurysms and gallstones but with the worsening of pain, my specialist doctors are doing a thorough check of blood works and ultrasounds to check everything out…all the fun stuff. Then I have to go into hospital, for a small procedure – gastroscopy – to determine if I have any Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD). With my diagnosis of Spondyloarthritis, it can a lot of the time go hand in hand with that autoimmune condition. So hoping to finally get some answers as to why my stomach hates me so much and curses food without rhyme or reason.

Also at this moment, I am currently dealing with the worst case of chronic chilblains I have ever had…so that’s been such a joy. Barely being able to bend my fingers because they are so swollen and painful has definitely brought up its challenges. I’m hoping they ease off soon so I can stop going out of my mind from both the pain and itchiness of them. But hey, least I get to war paint my fingers every day with Animine lotion. So there is that and my lovely pink fingers. But yeah it works very minimally. Why hands? Just why? You are killing me slowly and painfully.

In other news that was slightly on the more frustrating scale. I’ve been waiting to get into a clinic for all my fainting episodes etc (more accurately known as Vasovagal Syndrome)…I ring up my heart specialist doctor, who referred me to the Prince Alfred Hospital for review, for the fourth time. It’s been a YEAR since we sent a referral and heard nothing in response (hence the multiple calls to my heart specialist because patients can’t reach out to the clinic for some reason 🤷🏻‍♀️)…the lovely receptionist at my specialist calls them on my behalf and tells me they disregarded my referral because said Doctor doesn’t take patients that don’t have MS (Multiple Sclerosis) in that specific clinic…So they just didn’t tell us all this time, even with multiple referrals being sent to them! The annoying thing is that doctor I’m meant to see DOES have a clinic that’s still within Prince Alfred that triages, they just didn’t forward it on like they were meant to. Don’t worry guys, I’m not passing out or having regular episodes or anything. Now I need to wait another 2-3 weeks before I get a possible call. And that’s not mentioning the waiting list for getting appointments there. Sigh. Medical life for you. I just can’t wait to get in, it’s never easy when you are constantly having episodes where you are blacking out. It’s beyond stressful. And people wonder why I don’t like the spontaneous kind of life. This is why lol. Because spontaneous in my life generally refers to medical stuff just popping its head up. It’d just be nice to get one condition under control, please and thank you. Goodness knows I have plenty that are just rampaging around, like they having a wild party inside my body. Don’t you guys ever sleep?? 😴

Anywho, that’s basically my life in a nutshell of late lol. Hope you guys are all doing great and keep safe and healthy. Don’t forget to smile. 💖

Talk to you later my friends.

PS if you like seeing these posts, I have created a category that will allow you to click directly on to and will show all these posts. Just to help with keeping my site as easy to use as possible for you guys.

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