In The Life Of The Chronically Sick…

Hey Ramblers! It’s been a while since writing up a post like this. I’ve been a little absent of late. Health has been driving me barmies. But since I’m really trying to bring more awareness for those with chronic illnesses, I thought an update on health could be due.

So, I was in the hospital back in July, for a small procedure. Which did knock me around a little bit. I just got my results. They were a little bit inconclusive but did show that I have gastritis (inflammation of the bowel lining) and also a nodule that had to be removed, caused by damage done in the esophagus, due to bad reflux. But further investigation is going to be needed as some results came back that showed elevated markers, that can point towards fairly serious issues going on with my small bowel. So more testing for me, to see what’s going on there. Hopefully, we can get some answers from these new tests.

Other than that, I’ve been in a pretty serious flare, and pain levels have been way up there. That’s sucked a bit but I’m hoping that seeing my Rheumatologist in September that he might have some other options on top of the immunosuppressant medication I’m already on. Because its been making it a bit difficult to do even some of the simplest of tasks. It’s pretty frustrating when doing the simplest of tasks in your day has your pain and other symptoms triggering. Sitting there? Pain. Laying down? Pain. So sleep has been let’s say…basically nonexistent. But you sorta get used to it. I have gotten a lot of reading done those nights, so there is that. 😀 See? books, always there to get you by. What would I do without these little gems in my life?

Annnd hopefully this post didn’t come out sounding more like a whine-fest opposed to a life update, coz whinging’s really not my style. To be honest, it’s actually quite difficult for me to put it out like this. I’m usually more suffer in silence kind of girl but here we are lol.

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