New style of reviews coming Soon!

Sooo I’ve been thinking, scary thought I know, but hear me out lol. I want to be bringing you guys more reviews but some will simply be more like a quick thoughts drop, instead of a complete ramble. I’ll still be doing those, so don’t worry if you enjoy the inner ramblings of my brain lol. But I’ve recently realised there are plenty of books that I read and leave a simple one or two paragraphs, sharing a rough idea on where my thoughts were at etc. So why not do it here as well? This new style of reviews won’t be long and will literally just be a random sharing or whatever it may be…bringing you, hopefully, more of what you love and chatting about books and life.

I’m hoping that by doing these smaller side-post-reviews, it’ll allow me to share more of the books I’m reading, keeping you in the loop of what books are cycling through my life…and hopefully, will make you feel more connected with me in the book community and life, in general. Reading and talking about books is my life and one of the things I truly love to do. As you may already know, books are more like my friends to me, even more so since becoming chronically sick…I want you guys to feel that connection in my reading journeys, sharing all the books I can with you.

I hope you guys like or even better, love this new direction as well. I’d love to see us chatting more and sharing our thoughts, especially if it’s a book you’ve read or want to. Let’s connect and share in that same love and passion. 📚 💗

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