Bring Me Back – Book Bubble Thoughts!

Time for my first new style of reviews – which shall be called book bubble thoughts! 😀

My first review is going to be on:

Book Title: Bring Me Back by Kristen Granata

Book Blurb: A contemporary romance about hope, mental health, and the healing power of love.

After surviving a suicide attempt, Phoenix Bridges has been given a second chance at life—one she isn’t sure what to do with. When she’s released from a psychiatric treatment center, she moves into her family’s old shore house in New Jersey to figure out how to start over. She expects the town to be desolate in the winter months.

What she doesn’t anticipate is the gorgeous, brooding cop who lives next door.

James Russo blames himself for being unable to save his mother years ago. Now he’s made it his life’s mission to help everyone he can. So when he catches a glimpse of his beautiful new neighbor crying through her bedroom window, he’s determined to be her refuge.

Sparks fly as they grow close and share their tragic pasts. But when danger unexpectedly strikes, James is helpless to stop it as Phoenix gets caught in the crossfire.

Will Phoenix fight for the life she never wanted, or will James lose the one he loves all over again?

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I would just like to first say, please be warned that this book could potentially be very triggering. It does cover a lot of deeper and emotionally stirring content. So please keep that in mind prior to reading, to make sure it’s okay for you.

Whilst the content of this book was raw and emotionally moving, I loved the healing journey it also led me on. It showed that even from the darkest moments in life you can turn it around and begin again; Heal and find love and happiness in the most unexpected of places. The one thing I particularly liked within this story, is that it showed all different angles and POV’s on mental health and its effects on all sides. I also loved how the romance side of things was slow-building, focusing on a budding friendship first (which kept the story realistic in this particular regard) and how as things grew healing began – not just on one side but the whole family dynamic as well (found family). It was truly touching and definitely pulls at all the heartstrings. As a person that has/does suffer from anxiety and depression it was at times extremely emotional but it does go full circle.

If you are after a heartbreakingly beautiful story of love and healing and second chances at finding your place in the world…Give this contemporary book a chance. I loved a lot about it and it really did speak to my heart. And the romance was so raw and beautiful, that it literally melted my heart with little “aww” moments.

I’m just going to leave this here. One of the many quotes that truly touched me. If you are struggling, I really do prompt you to really focus on these words below. Don’t just read them…try and feel and believe them, to the best of your abilities.

“A phoenix rises from the ashes. It’s a symbol of strength.”
“So, what’s wrong with that?”
“I’m not strong.”
Ah, there’s the truth.
“Most strong people don’t actually feel like they’re strong. Doesn’t make it any less true.”
“Trust me, I’m not. I don’t know what my father was thinking when he picked this name. It’s just a constant reminder of how un-phoenixlike I am.”
I roll onto my side to face her. “That’s not what I see.”
She peeks at me from under the ice pack. “And what do you see?”
“I see someone who’s still here. Someone who makes the choice to wake up and live every single morning….
…Regardless of what you’ve been through, you’re still standing. That seems pretty damn strong to me.”

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2 thoughts on “Bring Me Back – Book Bubble Thoughts!

  1. This sounds good. I think I’ll be reading this. Since you liked this, you should listen to Where I End by Michelle Dare (it’s in my Audible US account). Cy, the mmc tries to k!ll himself due to being s*xually assaulted.  Eve, who Cy made fun of when they were in high school saves him.  The book is extremely emotional & raw and we see the mental health struggle Cy has to learn to overcome with Eve’s help. I bawled throughout the whole book. It really changed how I percieve myself and my life.
    I like your new format. 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope you love it as much as I did! It was such an emotional rollercoaster but it really touched my heart. You saw so much growth in all the characters not just the MC. Let me know your thoughts! And yep that ones on my tbr list of books to consume! I love when books impact us like that!
      And thank you! I appreciate you sharing that! 💜


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