Love at Frost Sight – Book Bubble Thoughts!

Book Title: Love at Frost Sight: A Holiday Novella by Torie Jean

Book Blurb: Seth is fine with the friend zone. Well, he would be okay with being gutted every time his best friend, & love of his life, Jenny, swooned at the star quarterback if it wasn’t a constant reminder that it should have been him.
The big guy on campus. Pro scouts.
The girl of his dreams looking his way.
His identity. His future. All ripped away by a freak hit that shattered his knee & his dreams in an instant. Even his high school sweetheart left. So when the quirky bookstore owner offers him a world where that hit never happened, the least a guy can do is humor her.

It’s just a bonus that when he wakes up, the mean girl on campus, who ditched Jenny for a sorority, is his tutor & she fumbles around like some lovestruck, blushing fool whenever he flashes a smile her way.

Jenny is the endgame.
But it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if, along the way, he made Madeline Finch beg for him in the stacks of the library, or the locker room, or his bedroom….
In the spirit of giving, & all that jazz, am I right?

Mean Girl Madeline Finch is officially desperate. Her star quarterback boyfriend just dumped her for his tutor & her ex-best friend & in the aftermath, she made a few—or several, who’s to judge here—mistakes.
With the fear of losing the crown she worked tirelessly for, Madeline would do anything for a do-over. So when a bizarre bookstore owner starts yelling about a rewrite and offering her a too-good-to-be-true deal: get some alleged soulmate of hers to fall in love w/ her by Christmas, and she can have ten mins of her life back, who is Madeline to say no?
But when Madeline wakes up in a world ripped straight out of a Christmas display window, as the not-like-other-girls-girl of her nightmares and finds the “soulmate” she has to woo is none other than thorn-in-her-side, Seth Aarons, Madeline may find herself learning a lesson or two.
Like when making a deal w/ a faerie, always read the fine print.
It’s never too late to start becoming a good person. & the most important lesson of all, Seth Aarons has a particularly lovely mouth when he’s not using it for talking.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I thought this would be a great book to share some thoughts on, especially since this month is Adenomyosis Awareness (cousin of Endometriosis). This book sheds some, much-needed, awareness on Endometriosis but in a way that the book’s whole focus isn’t purely surrounding it…but it was done in a way that I appreciate because it keeps the disease realistic and always there at the same time. So there are small drops throughout the whole story and does include instances of Endo flares. If that sensitive subject matter isn’t for you and you want or need to know more, the author does include a list of potential TW’s for those unsure.

I will admit, I actually didn’t go into this book having read the blurb. I stumbled across this book when looking for information about Finding Gene Kelly, another book by this author (another great awareness book and a story I thoroughly enjoyed, that touched my heart in more than one way!). When I saw this book, I just instantly bought it and dived in. It’s such a quirky cute romance and I’ll be honest, I was hella confused when I first started reading lol but I still enjoyed this short story. It has a touch of magic sprinkled into the pages (literally) – that bookstore owner had me laughing at her bizarreness. This is a true, light, finding-your-soulmate-romance read and fixing your mistakes along the way, so you can find and accept the other piece of your heart. Nothing like I expected but oh so adorable and quirky. I do have to say her flare-up scene really hit me in the feels but it was also one of the scenes I felt most connected to the character. 💞

Favourite quote:

It’s official. I shouldn’t be allowed to socialise. Bad things happen when I try to people.

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