The Sister Between Us – Book Bubble Thoughts!

Book Title: The Sister Between Us by Hailey Dickert

Book Blurb: The Sister Between Us is a second-chance contemporary romance.

One night is all it takes to change everything.

He was my best friend’s brother. My neighbor. The one person I was never supposed to fall for, until lines got blurred – stolen kisses and lies told to the people we loved most.


When the secrets we’d been keeping came out, broken hearts weren’t the only casualties. Though I’ve spent years chasing my dreams of being a professional soccer player, I’ve never forgotten the one who got away.

A chance encounter brings me back face to face with the only person I’ve ever loved.

Can we repair what's been broken?
Has time healed the scars that run deeper than the surface?
Will the sister between us bring us back together or push us apart yet again?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

WOW. This was quite the emotional journey. But it was done so beautifully. This is an easy 4.5 stars. I loved the characters that pulled me into their own heartbreak, making it as if it were my own. This honestly tore at my heart and whilst the journey was an emotional rollercoaster the balance of finding healing, made that hurt all the much sweeter once it was found. And one thing I really want to commend with this book was how it was actually finished. I’m a fussy book finisher and if the ending isn’t feeling right for me, it does have an impact on how I view the book as a whole. But this one was finished beautifully and felt perfect for this couple and the characters within. This story sure knows how to pull on all the heartstrings. Don’t let that cover fool you though. I was not prepared for the heart-hurting I was in for. It’s worth it for sure but just be prepared to be made to feel some things.

I definitely recommend, if you love a beautifully crafted second chance romance that brings tears to your eyes and finds the love that got away…but can it really get away, if the tether was never broken?

I do have to thank my friend Danie for recommending this second-chance sports romance. And I apologise for bombarding you with messages with my crazy heart ramblings lol. I was not okay and there’s very good reason for that. Duuuude.

Again this book does contain some TW’s so read with care…but the author does list the content on her website.

LINKS:             AMAZON AU     |       AMAZON US   |       GOODREADS

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