200 Follower Giveaway!

Hey, hey Ramblers.! Hope you are all doing well. 😊

Sooo I’m nearly at 200 followers…which is so awesome! Honestly, I never thought my blog would take, but it seems to be getting there slow but surely. So I thought it would be awesome to run a giveaway for you awesome peeps, for just being here. The prize will be a $40 (AUD currency) Amazon Gift card. (I know random number but I like fours lol, so just go with it😆). For every new follower you introduce to my blog, you’ll get an entry into the draw. Winner will be announced once we reach 200 followers.

Please be sure to comment below so I know who you invited and to obviously count your votes. 😊

Please don’t follow to unfollow. And this giveaway is all on me. 🙂

Best of luck!!

Evermore Academy: Summer – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Evermore Academy: Summer by Audrey Grey

**To be honest, I’m not sure what people are classing as spoilers these days…I don’t personally feel like I’ve let any loose, but I’ve seen a few comments on Facebook that has me super cautious/nervous. So there could be potential spoilers, depending on your meaning of that. So I guess just be aware of that before reading. I’ll be talking/reviewing book 3 in the Evermore Academy series.

Be prepared for the Ramble up ahead. It’s no joke. No kidding. It’s looooonnng lol.

Holy damn. I need a moment to wrap my mind around all this!! It’s the third day after finishing this book and Daaaaaaaaannnng I’m still not over this. It was AHHMAZING! But seriously one heck of an emotional spinner…like man, my emotions are all over the place. Just wow!

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Wolf Kissed (Luna Marked 1) – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Wolf Kissed (Luna Marked 1) by Heather Renee

So you may have noticed last week I shared the cover reveal for this book…and dang is it good! It’s the kind of book that’ll keep you turning those pages…will have you craving more and you’re just there for the ride. Waiting to see where it’ll lead. I honestly, felt like Belle being all wrapped up in her bookish world. Seeya reality and hello my fictional escape. Because that’s exactly what this book will do for you.

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Crimes of Magic (Wayward Fae Paranormal Prison 4) – ARC Review

Rating: 10 out of 10.

Crimes of Magic (Wayward Fae Paranormal Prison 4) by J.N. Colon

So, the first thing you might’ve noticed is the overabundance of stars for this book, right? You didn’t miss that did you? I’ve never done this before, so this is honestly saying something about this book! It owns my heart completely. And totally deserves all these stars. It was just all things perfect. And was ended to absolute perfection!

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Fibromyalgia Awareness Day

Many might not know but the 12th of May is awareness for Fibromyalgia. An invisible illness that not many can easily see directly. Which does make it hard for those suffering from the chronic illness. This illness is just one of the chronic illnesses that has definitely flipped my life around majorly. It causes severe fatigue and widespread pain. Among a lot of other symptoms that’d take me quite some time to explain. But basically it attacks every system in your body and there is no fix or cure for this. Doctors are only just now starting to even recognise this as an illness, which is a great start. But sometimes we just need the people around us to understand a little of what we go through each day. Here is a small glimpse in a life struggling with Fibromyalgia and other invisible illnesses I have.

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WYR Wednesday!

Hey guys wishing you a happy Wednesday! 🙂

Today’s Wednesday option is dealing with happy happy things, so is there really a bad choice? So here’s your Happy WYR…

WYR be placed in a romance retelling of your favourite childhood fairytale OR be thrown into a fantasy story but one that you can mostly control yourself (so the world structure is set for you and a basic plot set but you can fill in the blanks connecting them).

In both scenarios there will be some bad stuff happening since you have to naturally go through stuff to find your best self but nothing too off the charts lol.

National Pay It Forward Day Giveaway!

Apparently theres such a thing as National Pay It Forward day, I wasn’t aware of but I love it! And today is the day! My sister actually made me aware of it and I LOVE the concept of it because EVERYONE deserves all the happiness and love…It’s a day to encourage people to show kindness and to spread that happiness, care and love around to as many as you can. And To make the most special and important ripple affect the world needs.

So today I’m going to run a giveaway.

All you have to do is tag a friend that you think needs some love and kindness in their life…and at the start of tomorrow I’ll draw 2 winners and will gift them each 1 physical book of their own choosing! I will purchase from an online bookstore and send directly to you.

So with that said, please be sure to pick a book that’s within most online book stores. 🙂

Happy National pay it forward day! 💜

This giveaway has nothing to do with fb and is all on me!

Feel free to share this post so as many people can experience the love and kindness everyone deserves. 💜

WYR Wednesday!

Hey guys wishing you a happy Wednesday! 🙂

Today’s Wednesday option is dealing with curses. So here’s your Cursed WYR…

WYR forever being cursed and stuck changing into a baboon for a full month every 6 months…but when human you can only speak your mind and are not able to keep any truth from slipping out, its magic you can’t stop it from working; OR to be cursed to never be able to leave the haunted woods…you have a sparse cabin to live in and can explore the woods at your own risk, but cannot leave under any circumstances. You have one day a year where you can see your loved ones from a magic mirror but cannot speak with them.

I dunno where this one came from but let’s just go with it lol.

WYR Wednesday!

Hey guys wishing you a happy hump day. I hope your Wednesday behaves itself and doesn’t make you make a decision harder than this one lol.

Your WYR for today is… 🥁

WYR be a rare never heard of/never seen before magical hybrid being, that nobody knows anything about, zero knowledge can be found anywhere…but for every time your magic spikes inside you (whether released or not), something really bad happens, use your imaginations lol… OR have just a standard run of the mill power like everyone else but not have the capacity to feel…whether that be in love or pain.  

What will your choice be?

WYR Wednesday!

Hey guys and a happy Wednesday to ya!

I bring my WYR for today..

WYR be lost lost in a sporadic ever-changing world, where you can only take three things to survive the cruel temperament/mood swings of said world OR stay in a world that is constantly the same but lose three things important to you.

WYR Wednesday!

Hey guys and happy Wednesday!

But I bring my WYR for today…and it’s not mean this time. Shocker I know right?! I’m shocked too.

WYR be a lost Fae princess thrown into the mortal world never knowing family, nor the true meaning of being loved, never knowing their was such a thing as magic and then thrown into the Fae world; meaning you have to catch up with learning magic and knowledge from scratch OR to grow up in the magic world knowing and being handed everything but have no special/unique ability, unless always finding yourself in strife is one. 

🐺 Cover Reveal! 🐺

Eeek, I’ve been so, so excited about sharing information about this book and the time has finally come! Guys, this is a book you have got to make time for. I’ve beta read this book and it’s AHHH-MAZING!! So calling all Shifter and Paranormal Romance lovers …this is going to be right down your alley. But to be honest, it’s a book that’ll speak to most book lovers, just sayin’….because who doesn’t love an angsty, rejected mates shifter book, with intriguing worlds? Count. Me. In. 😍

But first let’s share this gorgeous cover for Heather’s newest upcoming book. Wolf Kissed.

Wolf Kissed releases the 22nd of April and is now ready for preorder!! Yaaaas! You definitely want to #oneclick your copy ASAP!

Preorder: smarturl.it/WolfKissed

Fighting fate isn’t for the weak.

I am many things, but a supernatural being is not one of them. At least until a crescent mark appears on my wrist and everything changes. I’ve been marked by a wolf goddess, yet no one knows what that means, myself included.
On top of that, I find out my best friend is a werewolf and her pack alpha is my supposed mate. Just like that my future is decided—unless I find a way out.

When fate sends a human mate my way, I’m certain it has to be a mistake. An alpha is supposed to have an equal at his side. Cait might be strong in her own ways, but what she is makes her an easy target in my world.
Regardless, Cait is mine to protect and I have every intention of showing her this is where she belongs—in my pack, by my side.

This is a dual POV wolf shifter series. It features a strong willed, not-so-human leading lady and a fierce yet loyal alpha who is determined to win her heart—no matter how many times she might reject him. If you love books by Leia Stone, Heather Hildenbrand, and Patricia Briggs, then be ready to devour this new series!
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New Cover Reveal!

Who loves cover reveals?! This girl right here! AKA ME!!! Soooo you’ve probably noticed of late I’ve been doing more of these…and guys, it’s because I found I love these moments, of being able to share authors upcoming books! #Funtimesforme! So be prepared to see more of them. If you’re on a computer, you’ll see the cover reveals displayed on the sidebar too!

Today’s reveal though is from my lovely friend Everly Frost! She has an upcoming release, 22nd of April, and it’s a short novella, Assassin’s Match! You may have already had a read of this one, because it was featured in The Monster Ball: Year Two Anthology. But now it’s going out into the world as it’s own little book…and guys it’s absolutely stunning. I’m in love with it!! 😍😍

WYR Wednesday!

Hey guys and happy Wednesday! Sorry I’ve been a total slacker of late. I think I missed like 2 WYR’s in a row. Bad Tassi! Life just got hella crazy and stressful.

But I bring my WYR for today.

WYR be allowed to only read new releases, so that’s no rereads of any past released books; even within series OR only ever be able to read the classics, so no new material, ever?

New Books!!!

So I ordered these books a little while ago and I was so so excited when they got here today! Thank you to the amazing Heather Renee for sending me these books! I’m so in love with them! 😍 and look just how amazing my Heather shelf is coming along!! Eeeek 😍😍🖤

Reborn (Shadow Beast Shifters 3) – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Reborn (Shadow Beast Shifters 3) by Jaymin Eve

Gah, I can’t even. I. Can’t. Even. Seriously guys. This is the absolute best! I stupidly thought I was prepared for literally anything but…alas, I really wasn’t. There is no way to prepare for this, at all. This book had me coming, going and ranging from so many different emotions, that half the time…I probably wouldn’t be able to narrow it down to just one emotion; because I was feeling the whole kit and caboodle. It’s a story that will have you feeling all the feels and sorry, but you cannot escape it…that ball of emotion will chase you down.

it gave me a chortle using this as my first gif lol…coz Mera and Indiana Jones 😆
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