Bookie NEWS!

EEEK OH MY GOODNESS GUYS!! I just received my first ARC from one of my top favourite authors Jaymin Eve – If you haven’t heard of her….please do yourself a favour and check her out. Start HERE! You won’t regret it! Jaymin is an Aussie author and I have read and have like seriously most of her books. This is my bookshelf of hers! *gushes*


Book News Update

Look what just arrived on my iPad today! Say hello to the second instalment of Blakemore Paranormal Academy. Soo keen to get my nose into this ARC. It releases 25th September and you can still preorder that baby right here! If you have yet to read the first book yet I believe the first book is on sale on for 0.99c but TODAY is the last day for that sale! So grab it while you can here!

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Random Little Story & Tangent

Soo this is kinda random…but whatevs, you’ll learn that’s just me. 😀 Anywho, so today on my Facebook group I was chatting with some friends about my new blog and a friend of mine Taylor commented saying: “you are a real life Katy!” – any of you who don’t know who Katy is please refer to my book review for Obsidian. Katy in this book is a full-blown booklover right to the core, who of course has her own blog. So when my friend said this in my head I was like: oh my gosh this is like the bestest compliment a girl could ever get! And then because I’m the crazy over-thinker I am…my brain started whirring and making even more connections.

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