Hi guys! I thought this might be an easier option for all of us lol. If you wish to support and help with keeping my website alive…this is the place to go.

I greatly appreciate you all, my fellow Ramblers…and am so happy to be able to bring content to you, that can both convince you to read more books and entertain at the same time….we all need that someone to bring a smile to our faces and I hope this site offers you that.

I have been running this blog for a while now, and I love blogging and sharing my life with the world and all the amazing books I have found an escape in… but not only that but to also be able to spread awareness for those that are chronically sick.

So any support, love and chats we have I do greatly appreciate. The form below, will allow you to submit any donations to me and will go towards maintaining my site, more books (derh)…and probably coffee coz I need that to focus lol. No amount is too little. Every cent will greatly touch me. 💖

Thanks Ramblers for the support and for being here!! 😀

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