Life Update As Promised!

Some may have wondered, if at all, where I disappeared off to last year. And this post here is going to try and explain what made that the case. I’ve been debating for quite some time, what to divulge or whether, in fact, I really wanted to share this information with the world…because currently, I can count those people on my hands. It wasn’t something I initially thought I would share, I felt that those that really needed to know were filled in. And others because I thought they might murder me dead if they found out I didn’t tell them (yes, you know who you are lol). But after weeks of tossing this information around in my head, I decided that my blog was made for the purpose of not only sharing books but also sharing awareness for chronic illnesses. These new particular ones, I guess, held me back from sharing because there is still kind of a ‘we don’t talk about… ‘(anyone singing that a little? 😆) air around certain illnesses. But I think that’s where the sufferers of these conditions get a little lost. Because one, they feel they can’t really talk about it; or two, zero awareness is then spread about these illnesses. So because of that very reason, is why I decided that I would talk about it.

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