It’s Been A Good Day!

Sooo two really exciting things happened today in the book world!

1. I won a collectors edition signed by the author herself for one of my new favourite ARC books I recently just read! Blakemore Reform Academy book 1. I got sooo shocked when I read the notification I was like WHAT? Are you serious?! Lol I thought it was a joke because I’d be talking to the author and I’d asked if it was international or not and she was like I’m going to say yes but I hope no one internationally wins for my sake with multiple laughing emojis 😂. My response was on the lines of – haha understandable…but for my sake……hehe jokes jokes…fingers crossed it doesn’t. Lol. And then today I woke up to this response.

“well, your hopes are crushed. YOU WON!! Now we can talk about the damage with international shipping… 😉 LOL!”

– Sullivan Gray

So you can understand my shock right? I thought at first she was teasing me and I messaged lol and she was like you totally won!!!!! That’s when the excitement hit and I was like EEEEEEKKKKKK!!!

The second thing that happened today was…. 🥁 ARC of Assassin’s Academy just landed on my iPad!!! I can’t wait to start reading this baby!!

First words I read are

“For the rebel in all of us”

~ Everly Frost

This is going to be awesome!

That’s all….it’s been a good day.

Oh and Happy Birthday My Brother ❤️ 🥳

Cheerio for now Book Nerds x

Upcoming ARC Book News!

Do we have any Everly Frost fans in the house?! If not guuuyyysss go check her out! I particularly love her Assassin’s Magic book series, check it out HERE!

Everly’s newest upcoming book Assassin’s Academy: Book 1: Rebels (A Dark Academy Romance) releases 1st November but I believe she’s trying to bring that in to around October 15th…And guys I am in LOVE with this cover! I’m in book cover love at the moment. I can’t keep my eyes off it! Beautiful right?!

So I go some news today…the ARC’s are heading my way very soon! Somewhere around October 7th, I cannot wait for this book to land!! 😀 I’m unsure whether you’ll need to read this book prior to Assassin’s Magic books but it is set in that world.