Teaser Tuesday!

“It’s all poo… ideals of strength being shoved in our faces. Movies. Books. Television. Magazines. You’d think that after the world almost ended, people would’ve gotten their lives right, but oh no. We still operate by the broke-butt ideology of girl power, but it’s only girl power if you’re an assassin.” I sat back. “What is that teaching us ladies? That if you’re not physically strong, if you can’t kick butt, you’re weak? That if you feel overwhelmed or emotional, you’re not strong? Or that if you aren’t emotional, something is wrong with you? That’s poo, and it’s unrealistic.” Her shoulders tensed. “Real strength does not exist in muscles or deadly skill. It exists in your ability to pick yourself up and keep going after the shit hits the fan. That’s strength.”

– The Burning Shadow – Zoey (PS slightly edited since I don’t swear) – Jennifer Armentrout