Book Teaser!

This day is very delayed…but I’m bringing a teaser to you from a book that is releasing in like 7 days (if I did the math correctly lol)…I was holding off on my teaser this week until I received this book…and alas it fell into my clutches today and I am devouring it! Infernal Dark is the final instalment of the Bright Wicked series by Everly Frost and you do not want to miss it! You can preorder it here:

Teaser Tuesday!

“Um…April Fools!” Then I took off running, hoping Elle was pounding the pavement right behind me.
“Bitches!” I heard a shop girl scream.
Elle snickered beside me as we ran to catch up with the boys. “It’s not April.” I shot her a side glance. “I panicked! Who the hell screamed bomb, anyway? There were a dozen plan Bs, and you went with bomb!”
She just shrugged. “I panicked, too.”

– Serving the Fae (Daughter of Light 2) by Leia Stone

Teaser Tuesday

Lynch shoots a look to Kash that says help me out here, but Kash just holds his hands up and shrugs. “Don’t look at me, man. If Pepper wants a beta, Pepper gets a beta.”

“Damn right!” Talia agrees. “Nobody puts Romy in the corner.”

“And lastly,” I say, stepping forward to look both men in the eyes, “in case you hadn’t noticed, Talia has been my beta since the moment I first met her. That’s not gonna change when I have four legs. Got it, Scruffs?”

– The Girl Who Cried War (Of Fates & Fables 3) by Bam Shepherd & Heather Hildenbrand