Look Back On 2021!

With so many amazing books released last year…let’s hear your faves of 2021. As always this is going to be really hard for me to narrow down but let’s see what happens. These are just a few that definitely made it to my list (if the book is part of a book series please include all currently released books within that lol 😆). Since many that know me realise I can’t number faves this is obviously in no particular order lol 😊

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WYR Wednesday!

I’m having some withdrawals from This Broken Wolf, so this weeks WYR is a scenario that was very much to do with that book.

So here is your WYR (sorry @bookbud101 in advance, since this probably won’t be classed as easy lol) – WYR be a deceiver for your whole life, with your words being forever twisted with lies and tricks, not knowing yourself what is truth or lies, but able to be the closest to your original personality…OR be the worst kind of coward with multiple split personalities that never allows you to find your true self?

Both scenarios are based in a supernatural world with no cure or medicine to fix you.

What will it be?