Enemy of Magic (New York Academy of Magic 3) – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Enemy of Magic (New York Academy of Magic 3) by Sean Fletcher

Hey, hey Ramblers,

Woah! Yet another book in this series that I absolutely loved!! If you have been following my reviews since at least October 2019, you would’ve probably seen the very first review I did on this book…and still yet, this series continues to wow me. To the point that when you’re reading you get so absorbed in the world, that you lose focus on everything around you…that when you’re in the middle of a fight scene and hear a loud bang that brings you snapping back to reality, heart pumping and all you can do is laugh at yourself, for the way your heart is racing from the adrenaline of it all. I legit jumped out of my skin haha….I turned to mum who had been sitting next to me and was like “Well, that made that fight scene way too realistic” lol. Like for a minute there I was like

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