Chase the Shadows (Supernatural Legacy 3)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Chase the Shadows (Supernatural Legacy 3) by Everly Frost

Holy dragon’s breath! If you loved book one of this series there is absolutely no reason why you won’t be obsessed with this one even more! I know for me, this book is next level! I was hooked in so deeply, that it was practically impossible to put the book down. I was not putting it down for anything. Nobody got time for that lol.

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Hunt the Night: Supernatural Legacy (Angels & Dragon Shifters 1) – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Hunt the Night: Supernatural Legacy (Angels & Dragon Shifters 1) by Everly Frost

Holy damn dragon breaths! This is the easiest 5 star score I could give. If you fell hard for Everly’s Soul Bitten Wolf Shifter series, you are going to become obsessed with this latest upcoming release (Coming out on the 18th February!). All I can say is be sure to have this on the list! It’s the biggest MUST ever!

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Demon Pack (Demon Pack 1) – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Demon Pack by Everly Frost & Jaymin Eve

Holy dang demon babies! Everly and Jaymin have done it again…and honestly, at this point, I shouldn’t be surprised any longer, but you know what?…I love how they can keep doing this to me, after all this time of me reading their books. I just, really, thoroughly enjoyed this unique and utterly intriguing story that’s being woven right in front of me. So girls, just keep doing what you’re doing because I’m here for all the crazy and wonderful worlds your brains can create. So just keep doing what you do best. And don’t change a thing. 💖😍

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New Cover Reveal!

Who loves cover reveals?! This girl right here! AKA ME!!! Soooo you’ve probably noticed of late I’ve been doing more of these…and guys, it’s because I found I love these moments, of being able to share authors upcoming books! #Funtimesforme! So be prepared to see more of them. If you’re on a computer, you’ll see the cover reveals displayed on the sidebar too!

Today’s reveal though is from my lovely friend Everly Frost! She has an upcoming release, 22nd of April, and it’s a short novella, Assassin’s Match! You may have already had a read of this one, because it was featured in The Monster Ball: Year Two Anthology. But now it’s going out into the world as it’s own little book…and guys it’s absolutely stunning. I’m in love with it!! 😍😍

In Honour of This Dark Wolf Book Release

So a book I’m super excited about, This Dark Wolf by Everly Frostis releasing on the 11th December…and I thought it might be fun to stir some things up…and help bump up the excitement of this release.

Soo if you hadn’t worked out yet, this is a shifter book…so I figured why don’t we do a Werewolf name generator game…with that said….what is your werewolf name? Comment below so I can see them 🙂

Mine is: Scarlet Omega – kinda has a pretty cool ring to it

Book Teaser!

This day is very delayed…but I’m bringing a teaser to you from a book that is releasing in like 7 days (if I did the math correctly lol)…I was holding off on my teaser this week until I received this book…and alas it fell into my clutches today and I am devouring it! Infernal Dark is the final instalment of the Bright Wicked series by Everly Frost and you do not want to miss it! You can preorder it here:

Radiant Fierce (Bright Wicked 2) – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Radiant Fierce (Bright Wicked 2) by Everly Frost

Oh my stars! Dude…this book destroyed my brain! So much so that even with that killer cliff-bungee I couldn’t even rant. I was legit just sitting there so shocked repeating over and over OH MY STARS! It’s two days later and I still can’t think past that end scene and how much it tore at my heart. Even though I’ve read the blurb for the next book and it’ll work out…girls got some ‘splainin’ to do.

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Bright Wicked – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Bright Wicked by Everly Frost

I can’t believe that what I read in this book all happened in the space of one day and night! Too much awesomeness went down and happened…so much changed, so many lies uncovered. Everly has done it again. Not that I’m surprised by that. I’m used to the way her books come into my life with a massive bang and oh how this one did just that. If there was just one word I could use it would probably be

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Teaser Tuesday!

“I’ve caused pain and torment around me and went on with my life, oblivious. I am a Fury who was never meant to live with anyone, love anyone, or protect anyone, because that’s not what I’m built to do.”

– Revenge: Assassin’s Academy 2 by Everly Frost

Assassin’s Academy: Book One: Rebels – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Okay guys you going to have to bear with me on this review…I have so many emotions running through my mind right now….but lets start with the easy stuff aye. So as you all know the ARC of this book just recently came through from an awesome author friend Everly Frost. The book releases 11th October! Not long now so go buy that book!! 📚 ❤️You can find the link to the book HERE!


It’s Been A Good Day!

Sooo two really exciting things happened today in the book world!

1. I won a collectors edition signed by the author herself for one of my new favourite ARC books I recently just read! Blakemore Reform Academy book 1. I got sooo shocked when I read the notification I was like WHAT? Are you serious?! Lol I thought it was a joke because I’d be talking to the author and I’d asked if it was international or not and she was like I’m going to say yes but I hope no one internationally wins for my sake with multiple laughing emojis 😂. My response was on the lines of – haha understandable…but for my sake……hehe jokes jokes…fingers crossed it doesn’t. Lol. And then today I woke up to this response.

“well, your hopes are crushed. YOU WON!! Now we can talk about the damage with international shipping… 😉 LOL!”

– Sullivan Gray

So you can understand my shock right? I thought at first she was teasing me and I messaged lol and she was like you totally won!!!!! That’s when the excitement hit and I was like EEEEEEKKKKKK!!!

The second thing that happened today was…. 🥁 ARC of Assassin’s Academy just landed on my iPad!!! I can’t wait to start reading this baby!!

First words I read are

“For the rebel in all of us”

~ Everly Frost

This is going to be awesome!

That’s all….it’s been a good day.

Oh and Happy Birthday My Brother ❤️ 🥳

Cheerio for now Book Nerds x

Upcoming ARC Book News!

Do we have any Everly Frost fans in the house?! If not guuuyyysss go check her out! I particularly love her Assassin’s Magic book series, check it out HERE!

Everly’s newest upcoming book Assassin’s Academy: Book 1: Rebels (A Dark Academy Romance) releases 1st November but I believe she’s trying to bring that in to around October 15th…And guys I am in LOVE with this cover! I’m in book cover love at the moment. I can’t keep my eyes off it! Beautiful right?!

So I go some news today…the ARC’s are heading my way very soon! Somewhere around October 7th, I cannot wait for this book to land!! 😀 I’m unsure whether you’ll need to read this book prior to Assassin’s Magic books but it is set in that world.