Best Friend MASSIVE Book Surprise!!

Sooo a VERY special someone to me, Jeannie Anderson, did this unbelievably incredible thing for me because she knows how hard this year has been on me and wanted me to feel super special and loved and MAN she has 1500% blown me away. I do not deserve all this but all I can say is THANK YOU SO SO much for your friendship… you mean so much to me even without all this surprising you went and did! I love you so much girl! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

A huge thank you also goes out to every author that helped in this! Heather Renee, Jena Colon, Karen Lynch, Audrey Grey, Brandi Elledge, Julie Hall, Holly Black, Sophie Davis, JJ King & Heather Hildenbrand

I did a video for you all but it won’t load here…pre-warning I ramble lol 🙈 but you can find it HERE on my Facebook Page.

That’s all. I just wanted to share with you all! ❤ I hope you are all having a great Monday.

Teaser Tuesday

Lynch shoots a look to Kash that says help me out here, but Kash just holds his hands up and shrugs. “Don’t look at me, man. If Pepper wants a beta, Pepper gets a beta.”

“Damn right!” Talia agrees. “Nobody puts Romy in the corner.”

“And lastly,” I say, stepping forward to look both men in the eyes, “in case you hadn’t noticed, Talia has been my beta since the moment I first met her. That’s not gonna change when I have four legs. Got it, Scruffs?”

– The Girl Who Cried War (Of Fates & Fables 3) by Bam Shepherd & Heather Hildenbrand