200 Follower Giveaway!

Hey, hey Ramblers.! Hope you are all doing well. 😊

Sooo I’m nearly at 200 followers…which is so awesome! Honestly, I never thought my blog would take, but it seems to be getting there slow but surely. So I thought it would be awesome to run a giveaway for you awesome peeps, for just being here. The prize will be a $40 (AUD currency) Amazon Gift card. (I know random number but I like fours lol, so just go with it😆). For every new follower you introduce to my blog, you’ll get an entry into the draw. Winner will be announced once we reach 200 followers.

Please be sure to comment below so I know who you invited and to obviously count your votes. 😊

Please don’t follow to unfollow. And this giveaway is all on me. 🙂

Best of luck!!

WYR Wednesday!

Here’s today’s WYR…

WYR be taken into a cruel Faerie world to pay off your debt, for being caught stealing fruit but end up being stuck there because you ate their food (don’t imagine a nice Fae world, imagine the cruel trickster kind). OR be sent to a Supernatural Prison for accidentally using a power you didn’t know you had, and  you learn you are a half breed disgrace (according to the para kind) and are targeted at every turn, wanted dead.

In both scenarios you do not know the Paranormal exists prior to the above happening. 

What will it be?

WYR Wednesday!

Here’s today’s WYR…I tried to be a little nicer this time round lol. Tried being the key word lol.

WYR be put in a parallel reality with the world ending and all that crazy stuff, finding your true mate within that chaos but are compelled to be deathly afraid every day of your life, that it could be tragically ripped away at any moment…OR live in a world where everyone is immortal and forever safe, with no fear, but cannot have the capacity of truly loving someone?

What will it be?