Fallen Halos & Brimstone (Legacy of Sins 4) – ARC Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Fallen Halos & Brimstone (Legacy of Sins 4) by J.N Colon

You guys do not know the struggle it has been for me to continue reading after finishing Supernatural Academy…literally everything was meh…which was kinda sad because I know my enjoyment of this book would’ve been even higher than it was…but I did thoroughly enjoy reading it! For any readers who may be unsure, this is not the final book! So stop stressing we still have more time in this world…yay us!

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Teaser Tuesday!

He was such a caveman. I was surprised he hadn’t thrown me over his shoulder to drag me away yet. I disentangled myself from the Neanderthal, flashing Colton an apologetic smile. “Don’t mind him. His brain is a little underdeveloped. He doesn’t understand social situations.”

– Tainted Blood and Brimstone (Legacy of Sins 3) by J.N Colon

Eternal Bond and Brimstone (Legacy of Sins 1) – Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Eternal Bond and Brimstone by J.N Colon

My Rating: 4.7⭐️

So a beautiful friend of mine, Jeannie, was a little bit naughty and decided she wanted to gift this book to me, after having fell in love with these books. It truly surprised me at her open generosity and kindness. This girls soul is very pure. So if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to read this book until who knows when 🤷🏻‍♀️. Thank you so much for this gift. Hence I bring to you my review. This is for you lovey.

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Teaser Tuesday!

He arched one brow. “I could have just let you fall.”

“Then why didn’t you?” I hissed under my breath. The edges of his lips twitched, and a tiny half-smile appeared. It was gone in an instant. I would have missed it had I blinked. But still, that millisecond of humor in his expression sent my pulse racing. Kale appeared over Jayson’s shoulder, a lazy grin on his face. He was almost as tall as his friend. “Are you sitting with us, Lena?”

“No,” Jayson growled, shooting Kale a glare. His friend only laughed and sauntered away. I propped my free hand on my hip.

“I believe he was talking to me. I can answer for myself.”

His head leaned toward me, his salty scent swirling up my nose. “Our seats are all the way in the back. You might trip walking that far.”

Eternal Bond & Brimstone by J.N Colon