Of Dreams and Sorcery (Royal Fae Guardians 1) – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Of Dreams and Sorcery by Heather Renee

G’day Ramblers,

Oh my wordy words! This book has me all…1100%! The moment mum began reading it to me (coz at the time I was too sick to even read), I was hooked and wanted more of literally everything. I devoured this book! It was so incredibly captivating and BRUTAL. I couldn’t help it, I had to message Heather (sorry bout my crazy 😂, just remember you love me hehe), like to the point that if I didn’t, I would combust if I didn’t share my thoughts and rant and rave like a looney, lucky Heather is used to me by now, all my weirdness and all coz let’s face it…

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Teaser Tuesday!

“Suddenly, the fate of a world was sitting on my shoulders. I wasn’t entirely sure I was ready for it, but I was prepared to fake it for as long as it took to figure things out and preferably not die more than once in the process.”

– Of Dreams & Sorcery by Heather Renee