Beautiful Birthday Gift!

Loooook guys!!! My mum just gave me the perfect birthday present, it got delayed because it was being custom made! But oh my sweet little heart…it’s just PERFECT!! Now I can have a piece of my Onyx dragon with me always.

Anyone who doesn’t remember the moment Zamma and her Oupa took it into their hands of making me my own little dragon that helps me fight my chronic illnesses (you can read the full story here if you want). Anywho, that’s how Onyx came about. This name was chosen very specifically. You see, the onyx stone is a powerful protection stone, which can absorb and transform negative energy…whilst also helping to prevent the drain of ones energy and aids with emotional and physical strength and stamina – especially during times of stress and confusion….so it was just very fitting name for one dragon who is basically doing all that.

But my mum knew how much I wanted, actually no, needed this onyx stone earring and she made it happen. Knowing how much it means to me. This woman is truly the most incredible and loving of people and my heart is so touched that this amazing person is my mum. Love you always and forever.