Dragon Marked (Supernatural Prison 1) – Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dragon Marked by Jaymin Eve

I just wanted to do a quick review (I copied it over from my Goodreads days of reviewing lol), for the first Supernatural Prison book just in case we have any readers that have not yet started this series. Now is the perfect time to start binge reading so you are all prepared for Elemental Compass! 😀

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Teaser Tuesday

“A massacre could be minutes away from happening. Worse yet, the curse would spread, and I more than anyone knew how quickly it could ravage a city until nothing but blood pooled in the streets.”

– From Blood & Ash by Jennifer Armentrout

Midnight Secrets (The Vampire Legacy 1) – Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Midnight Secrets by Rita Stradling

So, I thought I would help an author out, for a new book release that just happened, like yesterday. I haven’t read book three yet…but I thought a review to book one is a good place to start lol. I’m currently reading book two myself and am really enjoying how much the story has grown! Without any further ado Ramblers, here is my review for the first book.

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Favs Of 2019!

We are well into our new year and it got me thinking of what my fav books of 2019 were…I won’t include re-reads otherwise we’ll be here for yonkers lol. Hmm let me think…this is already hard enough. But this is what I came up with…and I totally love the book covers as well so they had to be included too lol.

  • Initiation (The Elite Supernatural Trackers 1) by Heather Renee
  • Raven Point Pack Series by Heather Renee
  • Shadow Veil Academy Series by Heather Renee
  • Releasing the Gods (Titans Saga 1) by Jaymin Eve & Leia Stone
  • Supernatural Academy by Jaymin Eve
  • Louis (Supernatural Prison Story) by Jaymin Eve
  • Fallen Academy Leia Stone
  • Demon Guard (Shadowguard Academy 1) by Samantha Britt
  • Called By Darkness (New York Academy Of Darkness 1) by Sean Fletcher
  • Assassin’s Maze & Assassin’s Academy by Everly Frost
  • The Burning Shadow by Jennifer Armentrout
  • Storm & Fury by Jennifer Armentrout
  • Hellion by Karen Lynch

What were the standouts books for your 2019? What book are you most looking forward to in 2020? For me I have no clue lol I can’t take the pressure of choosing haha.

Cheerio for now book nerds x

Revenge: Assassin’s Academy 2 – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Revenge: Assassin’s Academy 2 by Everly Frost

Okay nice and easy steps first…This is the final book in the Assassin’s world that Everly Frost has written….so for me it goes without saying, but you do not want to miss out on this ending! It’s one hell of a ride! You can grab your copy HERE and be ready for its upcoming release.

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