Assassin’s Academy: Book One: Rebels – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Okay guys you going to have to bear with me on this review…I have so many emotions running through my mind right now….but lets start with the easy stuff aye. So as you all know the ARC of this book just recently came through from an awesome author friend Everly Frost. The book releases 11th October! Not long now so go buy that book!! 📚 ❤️You can find the link to the book HERE!


It’s Been A Good Day!

Sooo two really exciting things happened today in the book world!

1. I won a collectors edition signed by the author herself for one of my new favourite ARC books I recently just read! Blakemore Reform Academy book 1. I got sooo shocked when I read the notification I was like WHAT? Are you serious?! Lol I thought it was a joke because I’d be talking to the author and I’d asked if it was international or not and she was like I’m going to say yes but I hope no one internationally wins for my sake with multiple laughing emojis 😂. My response was on the lines of – haha understandable…but for my sake……hehe jokes jokes…fingers crossed it doesn’t. Lol. And then today I woke up to this response.

“well, your hopes are crushed. YOU WON!! Now we can talk about the damage with international shipping… 😉 LOL!”

– Sullivan Gray

So you can understand my shock right? I thought at first she was teasing me and I messaged lol and she was like you totally won!!!!! That’s when the excitement hit and I was like EEEEEEKKKKKK!!!

The second thing that happened today was…. 🥁 ARC of Assassin’s Academy just landed on my iPad!!! I can’t wait to start reading this baby!!

First words I read are

“For the rebel in all of us”

~ Everly Frost

This is going to be awesome!

That’s all….it’s been a good day.

Oh and Happy Birthday My Brother ❤️ 🥳

Cheerio for now Book Nerds x

Upcoming ARC Book News!

Do we have any Everly Frost fans in the house?! If not guuuyyysss go check her out! I particularly love her Assassin’s Magic book series, check it out HERE!

Everly’s newest upcoming book Assassin’s Academy: Book 1: Rebels (A Dark Academy Romance) releases 1st November but I believe she’s trying to bring that in to around October 15th…And guys I am in LOVE with this cover! I’m in book cover love at the moment. I can’t keep my eyes off it! Beautiful right?!

So I go some news today…the ARC’s are heading my way very soon! Somewhere around October 7th, I cannot wait for this book to land!! 😀 I’m unsure whether you’ll need to read this book prior to Assassin’s Magic books but it is set in that world.