New Books!!!

So I ordered these books a little while ago and I was so so excited when they got here today! Thank you to the amazing Heather Renee for sending me these books! I’m so in love with them! 😍 and look just how amazing my Heather shelf is coming along!! Eeeek 😍😍🖤

Shades of Honor (Raven Point Pack 5)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Shades of Honor (Raven Point Pack 5) by Heather Renee

Eeek I’m totally gushing right now! I legit never once gave up hope that this day would come…and guys it’s finally here! It’s not a drill…It’s really happening! Well, nearly for you guys! Only a couple of days of torture left. This book has been highly anticipated and I can’t believe I finally got to read it…and not only that but to have had the incredible experience of being apart of the writing journey, in the Raven Point Super Fans group. Such a special gift to have been apart of that. This book is a gem and I will seriously treasure it forever!

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