Evermore Academy: Winter: Year One – ARC Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Evermore Academy: Winter: Year One by Audrey Grey

You’d think with all the Academy worlds I lose myself into that I would find myself getting bored…but nope. Honestly, I think I’d be a little sad if that day did ever come…today I bring my review for Evermore Academy. I got a tad behind with my ARC books, so this book has already released – oopsie.

I had every book scheduled out because yeah I’m one of those people lol…but then boom all these ARC books decide to release days apart and I’m like hold on a damn minute let me catch my breath haha…but do not fear I’m just catching my breath now. Best book problems though right?

Anywho, so as I mentioned this book has now released and you can find it right here! This is the first book I’ve ever read by Audrey before and well…

This world sucked me right in from the very first page and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment in this book right up until the last page. Thank goodness there was no particularly large cliffhanger, in fact it ended on a nice note but prior to that, a whole heap of crazy was going down, which had me concerned at how everything was going to turn out by the end. This ↓ may or may not have been me lol.

I love how this story was constructed and how you get this instant feel for all the characters…who you’re going to love or hate and anything in-between. Right from the beginning I knew I was going to love Summer. She has a fiery and fighters spirit that has known hard times and the way she thinks or doesn’t let others control her is something she is going to need in a place like Evermore Academy. It’s definitely not a place for weak humans. For the weak don’t survive, or even make it to the Academy. The Fae only want the best of the humans. The ones at the top of the human chain. The rich and most perfect, that have trained since birth, for their role they have and that it’s an honour to serve the Fae.

But Summer isn’t really any of that. In fact…she’s a girl living with her adopted family in the borderlands area and food is hard to come by, especially when there’s a rich family that’s running an illegal food smuggling operation. Which leaves many starving families as you can imagine.

The plot for me was easy to guess I kinda had what was going to happen from the beginning but I still very much enjoyed watching as this story came to life. There’s one thing when you work it out… but as I’ve said before, it doesn’t really mean anything until it does happen! It also doesn’t change the in-between details of watching it unfold, or watching the characters growth as they move through the motions of your ideas. It’s weirdly scary but thrilling at the same time…because you’re left there like…I didn’t actually want it to happen…but ok

The book starts off with Summer trying to steal from one of their storage facilities… but as she’s getting away she is caught. Uh-oh. But the one thing I haven’t told you yet. Is that about 18 years ago these Fae or preferred term by said beings, Evermore’s, came in a bright wave of light, demolishing like half the North American Continent in what is called the Lightmare.

Since their stay on earth the magic from their world has bled into the human lands but something about their world creates these wild creatures referred to as Darklings. So the places closest to the Shimmer, basically a veil that crosses into the Evermore territory, has been bordered off. Hence the term Borderlands, where Summer is from.

But now that you know a little about that, let’s go back to my story of Summer being caught. You see, one thing you need to know about Summer, is that she will do pretty much anything, even if it’s crazy, to provide for her family. So she does the one thing she is warned not to and crosses over into the Evermore territory. Aside from her nearly freezing her butt off everything is going relatively okay until she spots some fruit.

Yeah she kinda picks the fruit….and well as you’d have it a Fae comes.

And he’s not all that nice and friendly. No warm and fuzzies. Well she does have a weird attraction to him buut well he is gorgeously Fae…and human are drawn towards their ethereal beauty. Instead of dolling out the death punishment…for yes stealing fruit, because it just so happened it was on the Prince’s land…She somehow ends up getting branded by him and told to meet him back here…for four years at yep…you guessed….Evermore Academy.

So off she goes to Evermore Academy. Where nothing is as it seems. She’s thrust into a world she doesn’t really understand but thankfully one of the Shadows as they call the human students, takes Summer under her wing and teaches her everything and they become amazingly, beautiful friends.

Coz in a place like this you really could use some friendships. You see because Fae don’t really respect their humans they just kinda see them as playthings, I guess. Not all of them are bad, can’t judge a whole race by a few bad eggs right?

Anywho, the humans there are being trained to guard Fae, because Humans can actually do something they can’t and that is touch Iron, which means protecting them, the fae, from Darklings because that’s the only way they can be killed. See humans are helpful.

But in a world where nothing is as it seems Summer tries to navigate it as best she can…her goal is to try and blend in.

“That’s my new motto. Stay quiet and blend in. How hard can it be?

Yeah I don’t know how well that is going to work for her, when the Winter Prince is after her as a Shadow and the Elite Fae’s (yeah even they have elite groups in there schools too lol)…and they have their eyes on her and don’t plan to make that whole blending in thing possible and if you know Summer she’s not so good at keeping quiet.

Anyways…I could prattle on a lot about this book…but I think If I say too much more in regards to the story, there probably wouldn’t be a point to reading it and,

We cannot have that…because you do not want to miss this book!!! And plus…

I’m all about mystery and keeping you peeps in the dark hehe.

The only other thing I will say is that you are going to love this world and the characters and friendships made…Some of my favourites being Mack, The Winter Prince 😉 , Asher, Eclipsa and Ruby (man I love her little Sprite she’s hilarious and weird but 100% loveable).

But with all that crazy aside, can I just say, I kinda wish I had this 👇🏻 magic cup.

“And today in the commons, I discovered a magical coffee mug that fills to the top with hot, delicious lattes whenever I ask.”

Don’t you? Damn I wish magic was real because this would be AWESOME!

So what are you waiting for? Go get swept away in the magic of Evermore Academy…get lost in the eyes of the Winter Prince and a world where crazy stuff happens on a regular basis… go get lost and found in a fantastical world where not only the winter is cold.

Expect for your heart to get attached and feel the pain and joy when Summer does. This won’t be a story you’ll regret reading!

I know I haven’t touched on the love interest in this book because I know if I talk about crazy stuff will come out my mouth and I won’t be able to stop myself…so…hopefully this works for you.

For fans of the Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa, I think this will be the perfect world for you. There were times when I was like this gives me all the feels of those books but at the same time it stood apart in its own right. I think you will love this series. Man I actually miss those books. It’s been awhile since I did a reread of those.

Dang, I really do wish I had the next book because I am seriously sooo keen to see where it will take me.

Thank you so much Audrey Grey for giving me the chance to read this book even if my review was a little slow in the coming, but hey its here now.

Everyone whispers lol.

And I think we shall leave it at that…Thank you again for this chance Audrey. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I can’t wait to add it to my collection of books on my shelf.

Cheerio Book Nerds x

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