Favs Of 2019!

We are well into our new year and it got me thinking of what my fav books of 2019 were…I won’t include re-reads otherwise we’ll be here for yonkers lol. Hmm let me think…this is already hard enough. But this is what I came up with…and I totally love the book covers as well so they had to be included too lol.

  • Initiation (The Elite Supernatural Trackers 1) by Heather Renee
  • Raven Point Pack Series by Heather Renee
  • Shadow Veil Academy Series by Heather Renee
  • Releasing the Gods (Titans Saga 1) by Jaymin Eve & Leia Stone
  • Supernatural Academy by Jaymin Eve
  • Louis (Supernatural Prison Story) by Jaymin Eve
  • Fallen Academy Leia Stone
  • Demon Guard (Shadowguard Academy 1) by Samantha Britt
  • Called By Darkness (New York Academy Of Darkness 1) by Sean Fletcher
  • Assassin’s Maze & Assassin’s Academy by Everly Frost
  • The Burning Shadow by Jennifer Armentrout
  • Storm & Fury by Jennifer Armentrout
  • Hellion by Karen Lynch

What were the standouts books for your 2019? What book are you most looking forward to in 2020? For me I have no clue lol I can’t take the pressure of choosing haha.

Cheerio for now book nerds x

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