In The Life Of The Chronically Sick…

Hey my beautiful ramblers! I’m back with another in the life of the chronically sick post again. Let me know in the comments if you like these sort of posts, and whether I should keep doing them. 🙂

I just wanted to pop on quickly, to share a little about what life can sometimes look like for us…and the randomness that can be thrown at us. Like take me right now for example…

I’m currently feeling super weird right now, like I’ve drugged myself, without actually taking anything. Gotto say that’s a lame super power lol. But man, my head is both light and heavy at the same time. Like my face wants to do it’s own version of a landslide, whilst another part of my head feels floaty like air is just swishing around in my head. I’m gonna take a wild stab and say it’s to do with exhaustion..please, don’t ever take showers for granted guys, they literally ruin me every time!…Ugh, regardless, I really don’t wanna feel drugged, I hate that feeling so much. It’s why I try to stay away from opioids, even if they can help with pain, my body just does not react well with them, at all…so it kinda defeats the purpose in the end. So like any sane woman I’m eating chocolate wishing away my problems. What are you currently doing wherever you are?

Seeya next time 😊💖

2 thoughts on “In The Life Of The Chronically Sick…

    As an answer to your first question, yes I would like you to put up such posts cuz I feel through your posts I can be more empathetic and understanding to people suffering from the same problems…so yah, they are pretty helpful and for you, I think it might be a little relaxing to vent it out here.

    Even though I understand that the meds you are taking might have not so good of an effect on your body but at least it helps with the pain, so don’t avoid taking them, and yessss it was a very wise decision to consume some chocolate because that is the ultimate reliever of any stress and all kinds of mental pain.

    Currently, I am under a pile of assignments (the FUN part of being in senior high school NOT! 😩)
    and it is sooooooooo hot over here even though we are nearing the end of summer, but many fun places and events are opening up so I guess we have enough outing trips to make it tolerable (perks of living in UAE) and less….boring I guess.
    AAAAAAAAANYWAYS, hope you will be back on your feet in no time and continue giving awesome reviews as always!


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    • Hey hey! So great to hear from you!! 😃 thank you so much for responding to this! I’m glad you have found these sorts of posts to be helpful. Really, what you expressed is exactly what I want to get out there. Just for others to have a deeper understanding of what it’s like and to spread awareness. So thank you for letting me know how that’s helped you! 😊😊

      A lot of my meds are more directed at the autoimmune disease and things like body tremors and such. A lot of mine aren’t pain based. But more shutting down the immune system to try and cancel out the response of the illnesses. So it helps minimally with pain from inflammation but that’s about it. But with all the trials this one I’m on now has probably done the most. We’ll see in December if I need to up to an even stronger one. But yeah I wouldn’t not take them. I’ve only had 2 medications that I was like GET ME OFF OF THEM NOW! Lol 😆…haha I agree chocolate is a lifesaver!! Maybe they need to make that into a medication bahaha

      Ooh no!! That’s no fun!! Ugh I remember the stress of all those assignments! I hope you are still trying to take some down time tho bc that’s important too. That’s how you can do your best work. Oh dude we are just going into hotter weather now. And let’s just say I ain’t looking forward to summer lol 😆…glad to hear some places are opening back up for you. Currently we are in like week 12 of lockdown over here in Sydney. But I think things will start picking back up soon for people. I think they said once 80% of the area is vaccinated.

      Aww thanks Bookbub101! 💖 Always great hearing from you. Take care friend 💖💖

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